10 Old Towns in China Worth Visiting

Have you ever image one day you find someone match you a lot, which you can spend whole day together without computer or phone, looking at the beautiful view, eating something good, chatting random topics, and even sitting quietly won’t make you bored? In the rainy day in Sprint, you can hold the umbrella and walk through the white wall and green tile, and watching the flowers and trees. If it is summer, you can go across the river and have a cup of tea, and enjoy the lights across and the shop close. In the winter, you should run away with your lover and hide inside some mountain, stay away from the rest of the world, and enjoy the time of your two. In the winter, then go to the old town in the snow, sit on the boat, travel through the old bridge that is covered by snow, you feel like see through a thousand of years… Perhaps, everyone has an old village or city that belongs to him and his lover, either busy, or quiet, or elegant, or ordinary…

  1. Zhagana, Gannan

Searching for the last Shangri-La

Zhagana, hidden in the mountain of 3,000 meters’ tall in Gannan. Here, wooden houses, and barley and flowers are yellow and green. The fence made from wood at the house looks like blocks built by children randomly.

Location: Diebu County, Tibet, Gannan, Gansu

  1. Guyan Huaxiang, Lishui

Boating in the painting like view

When there is fog, Guyan Huaxiang looks like the painting in the poem; when the day is sunny, you can always meet the students from the art academy. What is more beautiful than the painting is the scenery behind them.

Address: Dunnan Rd, Liandu Distict, Lishui City, Zhejiang

  1. Nanxun, Huzhou

Let your ear to listen to the slow rhythm

Nanxun is an old town hidden deeply in the time. Here, you can find the long missed slow rhythm here. The nostalgic maltose, mottled stone road, curved river trail, and the clothing washing in the river, and the breakfast by the river… here the quietness is spuriously pleasant.

  1. Shuhe old town

Slow pace has a different kind of quietness

Compare to the crowded Dayan old town, Shuhe has a different kind if quietness. Here, the living space is extremely slow. The spring water is clear and you can breathe the clear air.

Address: Shuhe Town, Shuhe Road, Old City District, Lijiang, Yunnan

  1. Baoshan Stone City, Lijiang

A city of the real natural barrier

The Stone City in hidden in the mountain and canyon. Three side s are cliffs, only two stone gates on the south and north can be used as entrance. It is a city of real natural barrier.

Address: Jinshajiang Canyan, 110 km from the north of Lijiang City, Yunnan

  1. Hongcun, Anhui

Some people say Hongcun has been over commercialized, and the traditional has been fade away. However, it is hard to deny that the reflection of the green tree in the water, and the village surrounded by the mountain, which is still the “the village in the Chinese painting” in the people’s imagination.

Address: Northeast of Qian County, Huangshan

  1. Baihaba Village, Altay Prefecture

When fairytale turn into reality

The fogs in the morning are slowly rising in the valley. There are a few smokes from cooking. The quiet birch forest, worriless cow and sheep are eating grass tirelessly. The Baihaba is the ideal portrait of the farm life of Tao Yuanming.

Address: Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang

  1. Beimei Village, Wenshan

The paradise described by Tao Yuanming

Entering the Beimei Vilalge, you need to take the boat. After the 1 km long cave, you will see the flat land and houses in front of you immediately. In front, the house is the wide field, after the house is the green bamboo. Isn’t this the paradise described by Tao Yuanming?

Address: intersect of Bada Village and A’ke Village, north Guangnan County, Wenshan, Yunnan

  1. Wuyuan, Shangrao

The most beautiful countryside in China

If you are looking forward to seeing the traditional village in the green mountain and water, longing for the romantic farming life, then you should go to Wuyuan. Here, is the utopian ideal homes: the wall surrounded by slight cooking smoke, the abstract lines of the mountain terraces, the reflections of the village in the clear river in the mountains.

Address: Wuyuan county, Shangrao, Jiangxi

  1. Furong county, Xiangxi

The old town with a thousand years of history that hangs on the waterfall

This is old town with a thousand years of history that “hangs” on the waterfall. The fame of the town has spread far away become the movie “Hibiscus Town” was shoot here in 1986. The both sides of the streets are filled with the stilted houses. The thousand years of time doesn’t seem to change it much. It is still beautiful, exuding such a gentle light.

Address: Yongshun County, Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Xiangxi, Hunan

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