Must See Old Towns in China – Top Traditional Chinese Towns

What are the top four old towns in China? Here, it will introduce you the top four old towns in China: Foshan Town in Guangdong, Hankou Town in Hubei, Jingde Town in Jiangxi, and Zhuxian Town in Henan. If you are interested in the old towns, you can have a look at this article.

Foshan Town in Guangdong

Foshan town, now the Foshan city in Guangdong Province. Foshan has long history and bright culture since the AD 628. Because three bronze sculptures of Buddha were discovered in a smaller hill near the center of the town, the town was renamed as “Foshan” (which means the Buddha Mountain”. As early as 5000 years ago, during the Neolithic period, Foshan has been a place with high density of population. During that time, the ancestors of Foshan have mastered good pottery skill and textile technology. During the Donghan Dynasty, the advanced farming techniques were emerged, become the home of rice and fish. During the Tang and Song dynasties, Foshan has become an industrial and business town. By the time of Ming and Qing dynasties, it has become the top four old towns in China. In the history of Foshan, the economy is good, the life of citizens is rich. But because of the land is small and flat. The natural defense condition is bad. Besides it was the key location for the southwest, becoming the military’s battleground. The residents seek for self-protection. Therefore, practicing martial arts have become the tradition here.

Hankou Town in Hubei

Hantou, the busy international metropolis, known as the “Oriental Chicago”. It is one of the top four old towns in China. It is located in the crucial part of Wuhan – the biggest city in the middle of China. It is also the business center of Wuhan. It is called the “the most prosperous place during Chu”. It is located in the northwest of the Yangtze River, north of Hanjiang. Wuchang is on the southeast side of Hankou with Yangtze River in between. In the history, Hankou uses to be an independent city. Now Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang are called three towns of Wuhan. The three towns in Wuhan have their own role, which Hankou is the business center, Wuchang is the education and science center, Hanyang is the industrial center. Even though the three towns have been merged for over 60 years, the division of the functions have been changed.

Jingde Town in Jiangxi

Jingde, Jiangxi is located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi, next to the Xiuning county in Anhui, and Wuyuan county, Dexing county of the same province in the East, Wannian county, and Yeyang County in the south, Dongzhi county and Qimen county in Anhui in the North. It is surrounded by the famous tourism locations such as Lu mountain, Tiger mountain, Sanqing Moutian, and Jiuhua mountain. Fanyang lake and Qiandao lake are by the side of the town. The city is 302 kilometers from the coastline and 249 kilometers from the provincial capital Nanchang.

Zhuxian Town in Henan

Zhuxian town in Henan is the residents’ location during the Chunqiu period. During Wudai period, because the excavation of Cai river and Bian River, this location has slowly become the important town. By the Ming dynasty, Zhuxian town entered its era of prosperous, called the four old towns in China with Hankou town, Jingde town, and Foshan town. During Kangxi period, Zhuxian town has become the biggest transportation terminal for water and land in North China.

In order to realize the emerging of the old town sooner, Zhunxian government has launched the strategy where uses travel to lead the multiple development, and build Zhuxian Shopping Mall, Business street. At the same time, Yuefei Temple, Guandi Temple and Mosque and other cultural protection units are open to the public now.

That’s all the four old towns in China. Hope you will enjoy these places.

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