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Omaha is a city in Nebraska that has businesses that are in need of our translation service, Chinese Connects. Chinese Connects is a service that specializes in many different categories that are in use a lot in the city of Omaha. The city is currently home to five Fortune 500 companies. Those companies are ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific Corporation, Mutual of Omaha, Kiewit Corporation, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Currently Chinese only represent 0.3% of the population in Omaha. Their population is low, but it has grown in these recent years. It is expected to continue to grow. In July of last year KVNO News reported that Asians has had the fastest growing population in Nebraska. The amount of Asians living in Nebraska has been increasing to an estimated 600 or 700 a year recently. This will lead to more Chinese representation in jobs in the city of Omaha. Not only would we be needed for the sake of Chinese residents, but also for employment teams for different local businesses located there.

Film Streams is a local company that can benefit from us. The Film Streams organization is nonprofit. This organization specializes on screenings and education on film. We know that film is very important for many people in Omaha. Our service wants to help make sure that its communication system is able to fit the needs for the growing Chinese population. It is important for this business along with others in Omaha to have a good communication system for the Chinese population.

Nebraska’s ties to China has strengthened in recent years. China has passed Japan as the state’s international customer. The country is currently number three. It is behind Mexico and Canada.

Sales from businesses in Nebraska to China has reached half of a billion dollars in one year. The sale numbers are expected double by next year. In recent years the number doubled every three or four years. Many Chinese companies have been making connections with businesses in Nebraska. It is crucial that we are able to help the city of Omaha be able to have a successful communication system with China. Since China and Nebraska have been partnering up together more and more, this means there will be more English and Chinese interaction. Businesses in Omaha must be able to adapt to this. If they are not able to adapt it, the Chinese population will stop supporting them. With their population increasing and the states’ China ties increasing, businesses who do not make the changes necessarily needed to fit today’s society climate, will have a hard time surviving.

Today’s society climate in Omaha is increasingly in need for a good Chinese translation service to be available at different types of businesses at all times. The longer local businesses decide to wait to use a translation service like us, the worse off they will be. Government in Nebraska is encouraging a stronger relationship with China. Pretty at the rate the world is going, businesses will not have a choice but to use a service like us.

Businesses in Omaha improving their communication system by using us can be very beneficial to their economy. In order for an economy to be able to prevail, it must have a lot of successful businesses. Even though their economy currently is doing well, we want to help make sure it continues to do well. Our company strives to make communication better between English and Chinese speakers. Making communication better between English and Chinese speakers is a high need for today’s time period. In today’s time period, more Chinese people are coming to the United States.

Schools and hospitals will definitely need our service to be available in Omaha. Those are two very important places. Many Chinese people have been moving to Omaha for educational purposes. Schools must be able to adapt to the increase of Chinese students. Hospitals must adapt to the increase of Chinese patients. It is strongly possible that China will start working with hospitals in the United States. If this happens, this will lead to Chinese doctors being sent to work for hospitals in Omaha. Not only will our service be needed for patients potentially in the future, but will also be needed for employees who work at hospitals in the city.

Chinese Connects has a lot of care for local businesses in Omaha. Our employment team works very hard to make sure that our translations are correct and ready for any business to use which makes us stand out. Communication is a must have businesses in different types of fields. One way for businesses in Omaha to improve their communication system is by using us. The higher the Chinese population, the better the communication has to be towards them. In this changing world, businesses are starting to become more reliant on the Chinese population.

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