Outdoor Restaurants and Cafes in Beijing

The recent weather in Beijing is nice. The sun makes it hard to open your eyes. Good time make you want to eat more. If you don’t take advantage of the such sunny day in Beijing while eat, what a waste. So, I will recommend you a few restaurants and cafes have big balcony. Promise me you will try.


Capital M Restaurant

This might be the most awesome dining location. On the spacious balcony, you can face the Zhengyang Gate and overlook at the Qianmen Street of 600 years of history. You can see the old Beijing. Besides the nice balcony, the interior design is mixed with western and eastern elements, which is fashion and retro. Sitting there relax for an afternoon is also an enjoyment. The handsome servers ask your dining needs in a soft voice. There is French cuisine, Italian cuisine, and strong flavored Middle Eastern cuisine. Also, Capital M is recommended restaurants on the Beijing City Guide by LV. If you have the chance, you should try at least once.

Capital M Restaurant

Cost per person: 420 yuan

Address: 3rd Floor, No. 2 Pedestrian Street, Qianmen, Dongcheng District

Old Pot and Old Cooker Chongqing Hot Pot

The hotpot on the balcony at the sunset, finally, you don’t have to sweat too much. The Old Pot and Old Cooker is right across the Yandaixie Street, next to the Gulou. Some people comments it is the best balcony in Beijing. No matter which direction you look, it is a view. Let’s put whether this is the best balcony aside. But the beef oil base, the authentic Chongqing flavor, intestines of goose and ducks that are shipped by air, and other featured ingredients, are worth coming here. The wind breeze, a couple friends, and a few drinks, nothing is better than this.

Old Pot and Old Cooker Chongqing Hot Pot

Cost per person: 120 yuan

Address: across the street of Yandaixie Street, Dongcheng District


Migas Restaurant and Lounge

Migas is designed by famous Spanish designer, located in the Nali Garden of Sanlitun. The restaurant features Spanish cuisine. The bright color and presentation of the dishes are very pretty. The seafood rice and garden salad are the must-order dishes for many food lovers. But the most attraction thing here is the balcony on the high floor. It opens in the evening. 360 angel’s view allows you to see all the busy views in Dunli and the lights on the tall buildings far away. However, you cannot dine in the balcony. You can take a cocktail here. The wind makes you get drunk faster.

Migas Restaurant and Lounge

Cost per person: 220 yuan

Address: 6th floor, Nali Garden, No.81 Bar Street, Sanlitun


If your wine is good, then you are not afraid of the deep alley. This Spanish restaurant hidden in the alley of Wudaoying has become popular, attracting many people to come here. The courtyard, the balcony, and the glass house are nothing compare to the Spanish cuisine offered the here. The signature dish – seafood rice was selected as one of the seafood rice Beijing. The other dishes are unique, definitely will surprise you.


Cost per person: 200 yuan

Address: No. 64 Courtyard, Wudaoying alley, Andingmen, Dongcheng District



There will be too many to cover if we introduce by individual one. Let’s discuss in area.


The fashion Sanlitun is filled with cafés, either indoor or outdoor. It is the best location to experience the urban life. The Old Book Lovers combined the coffee and English book; MANGOSIX has both good coffee and sells plants and flowers. You can enjoy the joy of taste and smell.

The Place

Located in the busy area of CBD, the cafés here have the style of the white collar in the urban area. Moka Bros give you a sense of the street in New York, filled with foreigners. The chairs of the Donuts sit in front of the gate of fashion building. Of course, there is the famous Starbucks. The most important thing is these cafés are all outdoors. In fact, the number of cafés in the whole CBD area is countless with a variety of theme. Here is also the place where celebrity like to come.

Yandaixie Street

The number of cafés with balcony is not too little on Yangdaixie Street. Here, you can enjoy the old time in the alley, and the lake view of the Qianhai. How relax is this.

There are a few cafés worth recommending:

The Moment at Andingmen is located in a Siheyuan. There are a few tables, surrounded by grass and flowers. While drinking coffee, you can play with cats.

Twosome Coffee in Guomao is also a good café. Most of the time, the place is filled. People here not only for the coffee, but also its various dessert. It is the best place to go with your friends.

The atmosphere in West Side Café in Guomao is very nice, mainly plays the American music. There is a blue pool outside. Here, you can often find singers singing while playing the guitar. People chat with each other joyfully. It is a great place for relaxing.

Getting to know so many nice place, why not enjoy yourself in the sunny day. A outdoor restaurant and a café in the evening, but you have to get off work on time!

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