Top Picnic Spots in Taiwan

Picnic originated from Europe in 18th Century. This “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” (Luncheon on the grass) was created by Edouard Manet between 1862 to 1863 has revealed that “picnic” was indeed a social and leisure activity that can only be enjoyed by middle class or higher.

Till now, the picnic has more than 200 years’ history. After evolution, it is no longer a leisure activity for noble. The picnic has become the social event and the one of the indicators for urban life. Especially in some metropolis, where lacks of green land, it is a very enjoyable thing to do if you can sit on the grass and have a picnic on the weekend.

Taiwan is an island with a lot of green areas. Through the big Internet data research conducted by DailyView, it has selected 10 top favorite picnic locations from more than 40 parks, campus, and green landscapes.

While the weather is getting warm since spring, you can bring you picnic basket and blanket to have a picnic anytime.

No. 10 Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheater

Besides delicious food, and a complete set of equipment, what you need the most is wide grassland. The 8 hectares Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheater is the best place for people in Taichung to have the picnic. Many moms say this place is the best place to have fun with their kids. Last year, Cai Ying-wen and Lin Jia-long also had a picnic here. They say it is full of happiness living in Taichung.

No. Taipei Expo Park

The reasons for recommending Taipei Expo Park: you can see the large area of Greenland once you step outside the metro station. Besides grass, there is tree can protect you from the sun. Nearby there are many stores offers delicious food. Often there will be holiday market you can go shopping there.

What’s more: here you can see the airplane taking off and landing. How romantic is that!

No. 8 the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung

As the important gathering spot for culture and art, the Pier-2 Art Center is definitely one of a good place for the picnic. Besides the vast outdoor space, where children can run as much as they like, a romantic walk for lovers, the more attractive thing here compare to other picnic locations is the art exhibition one after another. Come here on the weekend, besides relaxing, you can develop your knowledge in the art.

No.7 National Cheng Kung University

Arrived at National Cheng Kung University, you will find grassland everywhere.

You might break your feet solely by walking, which can see Cheng Kung University covers a large area of land. The most popular spot is the banyan garden, you lay the picnic blanket down and enjoy the great food with 3 or 5 friends of yours. Then you can have a nap under the banyan tree; you feel the most satisfaction here.

No. 6 Taipei Dajia Riverside Park

The riverside park is good for walking dogs, playing balls, riding bikes and even better for the picnic. Dajia Riverside Park plus Meiti Riverside Park, they are the excellent go-to places for the weekend. Look at this perfect Greenland, TCL Traveling Life Channel have hosted Taipei Picnic day here several time. In 2014, it had successfully attracted 35,000 citizens to come here celebrate.

No. 5 Taipei Daan Forest Park

The most important grassland in Taipei, which is extremely suitable for the picnic because, besides grass, there are many threes can protect you from the sunshine. It is the great location for exercising, relaxing, dating and having fun with kids.

No. Taichung Wulin Farm

Wulin Farm is mostly talked by people. It is different than other picnic locations because there is cherry blossom here you can see. Every year during the season of cherry blossom, it is always crowded here in Wulin Farm. Lay you picnic blanket down, sit under the cherry blossom and enjoy quietly. Don’t feel the atmosphere of Tokyo in Taiwan. The whole spring has turned pink.

No. 3 Tunghai University

The Tunghai University located in Taichung has a campus of 130 hectares. Here, you see grasses, trees, and the strong culture of the academy, which makes people feel relaxed once they arrived at the campus. The iconic landmark – The Luce Chapel is located in the middle of a large area of grassland, which is also the most recommended location for a picnic.

No.2 Taipei Huangshan Grassland

Located in Huashan 1914 Creative in the downtown of Taipei, due to the convenience of the public transportation and the creative markets, special foods, art exhibition, and music festivals, it has become the best places for the trendsetter in Taipei.

As for picnic, such as fashionable entertaining activity, it has to bring it to Huashan. As long as the weather is good for the weekend, you can always find people having the picnic in Huashan Grassland. What’s more, it used to hold several “White Picnic Party”, yes; the White Party is not the privilege for DJ, and you can have a white party even for the picnic.

No. 1 Yangming Mountain Qingtiangang Grassland

Once you talk about Yangming Mountain, there is a bunch of fun staff.

You can take a spa, collect Alocasia macrorrhizos, or eat some chicken. Of course, you can run as much as you like on the grassland. When you feel tired, you can enjoy a great picnic with you friends on the green grasses.

The unique piece of grassland has become the most discussed picnic location. In fact, if you pay attention, there are many places you can just sit on the ground, and enjoy a relaxing picnic. New vacation with the sunshine, doesn’t think too much, go for it! You definitely will find the fun in the picnic.

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