Taipei Pizza – Review of Pizza Restaurants in Taipei

Most of us like Pizza and getting it in Taipei can be a challenge if you do not know where to look. Below we have compiled a list of the different pizza joints ranging from fast delivery to sit-down places throughout various areas in Taipei.


The main pizza delivery hubs are Pizza Hut and Dominoes, with locations al over the city. We recommend that if you don’t speak Chinese you do not order over the phone and instead download an App called food Panda. In this app you can order and configure your pizza as you wish, and choose to pay with credit card online or in cash upon delivery. We should note that Taiwanese go a bit skimpy on the pizza sauce, which seems to be a cultural thing due to taste preference, so you may want to write extra sauce in Food Panda’s side notes or tell the personnel over the phone.


For more of a deep-dish Chicago style pizza this restaurant is our top choice due to its wider variety of food options as well as a nice wine selection. The variety of salads and pastas is also nice and its location is right out of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is convenient making this our top choice.

Alley Cats

A lot of people talk about Alley Cats as the best place for thin-crust pizza but to be honest we aren’t terribly impressed. If thin crust is really your thing we suggest trying it out but overall we find the pizzas to be lacking genuine taste and for the most part are overpriced.

California Pizza Kitchen

If you happen to be visiting Vieshow Cinemas in Xinyi District and are in the mood for pizza then this is basically the main option available. The flavors are more diverse compared with Alley Cats ranging from BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, roast duck, chipotle pork, Thai curry and of course vegetarian. We also like the pumpkin soup option and really like their Taiwan dessert flavored pizzas that include Banana Chocolate Marshmallow pizza and Milk Tea Pizza.

Mr. Paco Pizzeria

We like this place a lot due to its variety of mussel and risotto options that go nicely along with its pizza flavors that include Chili Beef, Cleopatra, Prosciutto and Big Breakfast. This restaurant also serves up some nice pasta and has a good crème caramel pudding and banana crepe that makes it worth the trip.

These are but a few places you can check out to begin your pizza journey in Taipei, especially if you are staying at a hotel and need some quick options. All of these happen to be available through Food Panda as well, so if you do not want to spend the time heading out simply gets it delivered to your hotel room.

As note before most of the pizzas at all these restaurants tend to replicate a more traditional style Italian pizza that is not heavy on sauce. If you are more prone to liking Americanized pizza you may need to request extra sauce and extra cheese to bring it up to that familiar standard.

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