Popular Biking Trails in Taiwan – Review from Locals

The biking trails in Taiwan has been selected as the pretties biking trail in the world many times. Daily View – Internet Thermometer, using Keypo Big data search engineer, has gathered the ranking list of the “popular biking trails”. Let’s have a look at which trails have the most discussion and positive review. How about having a trip of biking this summer!

In the ranking, the “Sun Moon Lake around lake biking routes” is the number one among all the biking routes. The around lake biking routes has been rated as the one of the top 10 world’s best cycling routes by the travel channel of CNN. This year, it was rated as the one of the world’s most beautiful biking trails by the traveling search engineer – Skyscanner in 2017.

What’s more, November this year, the biking events around the lake will be hosted. And riding to the highest mountain in Taiwan – Tataka of Yu Mountain Challenge is added. It makes the Sun Moon Lake around lake biking routes even more popular and discussed. However, more discussion does not necessarily mean good review. Riders have a lot of opinions on the separations of the car and people are not very good.

The around county bike trail in Jiji County is ranked on the third. Its positive review is about 90%. The around county bike trail in Jiji County in Nantou is parallel to the Jiji’s railway track. It starts from the railway station to the Mingxin Academy. You can not only see the garden for dragon fruit. If you are lucky, you can ride with the train, which is pretty fun. The Dong Shan He bike trail in Yilan, ranked the 10th, is also the one who have 90% good review.

In additional, the 7th Keelung Bike Trail and the 8th Xizhi Bike Trail are currently planning to extend to Keelung. Once the projects are completed, they will definitely good for the bike riders. However, because the planning is not perfect. The car accident happens from time to time. Also, because there is a lot of raining in Xizhi, there is water problem in the bike trail. These are all the issues need to be solved.

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