Popular Meals in China: Eat Like the Locals

We recently completed an article on the most popular drinks in China, including alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. This is a vast country and one with many top food and drink producing areas, so as well as a wealth of interesting drinks to sample, there are also a number of unique and delicious dishes to tuck into. If you plan on visiting the country then you’re sure to find these meals on your travels and would do well to sample some or all of them.


This is a very popular food in China and one that is also very versatile. It has been eaten in the region for at least a thousand years and is also eaten during the winter solstice, as part of a long-lasting tradition. They are unique, but for the sake of comparison they are not unlike ravioli, in that they are parcels of boiled starch that are filled with an array of ingredients. Wontons often come in a soup and may be served with noodles, rice and or vegetables. They are often boiled but can also be fried, and they can be filled with all sorts of meats and vegetables.


Eaten for around 2,000 years in China, dumplings, like wontons, can be filled with an array of substances and eaten in many different dishes. They can also be eaten at anytime of the day and they are available across the country. A walk down most streets in China will direct you past a dumpling shop of some description, with many of them filled with vegetables and mince meat. Again, as with wontons, they can be boiled or fried.

Sweet and Sour Pork

A lot of the foods you will find in Chinese takeaways in countries such as the UK and US, are not actually eaten in China. However, sweet and sour pork is an exception to this. Sweet and sour dishes in general are eaten across China, as this is a very popular combination. As for pork, the Chinese consume more of it than any other nation, and you can find it in a variety of forms and a variety of dishes.

Stinky Tofu

Although it doesn’t sound or smell very appetizing, this is a popular dish for a reason. It mixes tofu, which is widely eaten across China, with a number of spices and vegetables. In fact, as well as not sounding or smelling very nice, it also doesn’t look very nice either, but despite all of this, it does taste great. Just follow your nose to find a dish of this fantastically different meal.


If you’re looking for a taste of home, but with a little difference, then seek out a hamburger Chinese style. This includes a toasted bun with some soft, sweet pulled pork inside. The pork is often left to stew in its juices and a number of spices, imparting a delicious flavor that works beautifully in the warm, toasted bun.

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