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Portland is a city in Oregon. It is the largest city in Oregon. The city is home to the Portland Trailblazers which is a NBA team. It is known for its parks, bridges, and bicycle paths. Portland also hosts theater, arts, and a thriving music scene. As of 2013, the city’s population has been listed at around 609,000. Sixty percent of the people who live in Oregon, reside in Portland. Of that 609,000, the Chinese represent 1.7 percent of that population. Even though the Chinese population is low in that state, it is crucial that there is a good Chinese translation service that can be used. One reason is because the Chinese population can grow at any time. Another reason is because the Chinese speakers who do live in that city do deserve to be able to receive the best service they can, no matter what place they are at.

Which Chinese Translation Service is best for businesses in Portland?

The Chinese translation service that is best for business in Portland is Chinese Connects. We specialize in law, technology, finance, medicine, telecommunications, engineering, and arts. Our service translates Chinese to English and English to Chinese. All seven of those categories exist in the city of Oregon. English speakers are not the only ones who attend places that specializes in either of those categories. Our service works very quickly and is easy for both Chinese and English speakers to use. We make sure our translations our exactly correct. The translation service was designed to make communication easier between Chinese speakers and English speakers.

The service can help improve the communication system at different businesses. It can improve communication within the employment team at different businesses, and can make communication with customers, patients, and clients much easier and better.

Stores who cellphones in Portland like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. can all benefit from Chinese Connects. Not only can it improve the communication system at these stores, but it can help make the stores have more success. We can make these stores more successful by making Chinese speakers feel more comfortable with going into these stores by knowing they can receive service even though they cannot speak English. This can make the stores be able to sell more products.

Old Town Chinatown can also benefit from our translation service. This Chinatown contains an entertainment district, a famous Portland Saturday Market, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and an independent doughnut shop named Voodo Doughnut. The town contains art galleries and is actually Portland’s oldest neighborhood.

Both English speakers and Chinese speakers travel to Chinatown to eat, shop, and/or walk around. It is crucial that people who speak either language while at Chinatown are able to receive the service they need and in a timely manner. This is something that is strongly needed at all times. Another reason why our service should be used at different places in Chinatown is because it is a tourist spot. Since it is a tourist spot, the communication system at the businesses located in the town should strive to make sure that it is as good as it can be. It will also work well for the employment teams who work these businesses at the town. Since our service can translate from English to Chinese and Chinese to English, employees who can only speak Chinese will still be able to communicate with English speakers. This can help the businesses in Chinatown have more success.

Our service can also work well for different entertainment events in Chinatown and other parts of the city. Who does not love going to entertainment events? When a Chinese language speaker attends an entertainment event in the city of Portland, he or she should still be able to receive good service from the employees. If they receive good service they would want to come back to the place the entertainment event is held at. Chinese Connects can definitely help make businesses be able to make sure customers, patients, and clients who speak Chinese or English are able to receive the best customer service that can be offered.

We at Chinese Connects can help make a difference in communication, no matter what the circumstance is. The reason is because our service is fast, can translate English and Chinese back and forth, and specializes in many different type of career fields. We strive to make communication better and easier for Chinese and English speakers for different circumstances. Making sure our translations are correct is a huge priority for us. Not only can we help businesses in Portland, but we can also help make communication easier between China and the rest of the world. Since the Chinese language is becoming more and more global, it is important for us to make communication within the world better.

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