Supplements and Protein Powder in Taipei – Review

If you are a workout enthusiast in Taipei, chances are you may be looking for supplements such as protein, cretin or other types of powders/pills. In this article we will look at some of the most popular places locals in Taipei go to for their workout supplements as well as other workout related accessories such as gloves and apparel.


This store is located in Ximending about 7 minutes from MRT exit 6 and also has an online store on PC home, with all information in Chinese. Additionally, you need to use a Taiwan bank card for checking out. If this is a hassle, head on over to this store where you can find the best deals on protein powder, coming in an assortment of flavors as well as high calorie or low fat options. There are also a wide variety of supplements available in addition to gloves and other apparel. This store is also one of the few places where you can buy protein bars, which typically come in packages of 12 for around NT$1000 (US$30).


Costco has a limited variety of flavors but nevertheless has a solid low-fat Whey chocolate protein for NT$1900. While you are there make sure to check out the other food selections high in protein such as the Greek yogurt and wide variety of steak options available.


GNC probably has the most expensive, least effective lineup of protein we have had in general, and definitely so in Taipei. The upside to this store is that it is a chain store popular in Taiwan and can be found all over, so if you don’t have a membership to Costco or do not feel like going to Ximending then this is the option for you. GNC also has a wide variety of supplements, and now has branches at various Carrefour locations, most notably in Xindian. At certain times the company also pairs up with World Gym to provide in-house protein but it seems to come and go.

Shipping from abroad

We actually recommend bringing with you or shipping from abroad large 10 pound bags of protein due to the better value. Getting protein in places such as the US and Canada is about half the price of what you pay in Taiwan and adding the shipping still makes it less then purchasing it here. Otherwise, if you happen to be going abroad and are coming back to Taipei make sure to stuff an extra suitcase full of this stuff to last you a while.

Getting Enough Protein in Taipei

A lot of times when we run out of protein or do not have easy access to it we make up for it by eating large amounts of eggs, fish, steak, oatmeal, as well as many vegetables and fruits as we can. We recommend going to local markets or shopping in stores such as Welcome or Carrefour to get your food, with markets most suitable for cheap vegetables and fruit while the name brand stores are better for meats. You can also find an assortment of soy milk that has higher protein intake than other drinks as well as various yogurts and oats to make good in between snacks. Eating out and trying to achieve a healthy, high-protein diet can be difficult despite the cheap food costs as you have to eat a lot and the food is always not so easily digested due to the amount of oil used.

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