Must Go To Places in Qingdao – Where to Travel in Qingdao

This summer, the hot summer day is beating me up. Now, I come to realize “to stay where is cool” is the best thing in the summer. Speaking of cool, do you want to stay under water or in the bear? Don’t miss the annual International Beer Festival, which is hosted from August 4th to August 27th. All the people in Qingdao has already been high!

There are four 8 beer booths in the Beer City, where you can taste more than 200 types of beer from 40 countries and eat delicious food. Let me ask you where can you drink such many beers at once? Additionally, the newly build fine brewery is the first in the kind. You can observe the beer production line in a close range and take a sip of the freshly made beer.

Besides the Beer Festival, another must-go places are the Haixin Square, gathering places of the well-known brands and luxury brands, foods and funs.

Gathering place for the trend and fun, four unique experience – must-try

The world class “Enchanted Kingdom” – a unique interactive world for parents and their kids. Designed by the top-class group in the world, giving you 16 interactive entertainments. The Enchanted Kingdom combines the science and art perfectly, synchronize with future, heaven for kids, kingdom for adults, Garden of Eden for couples, the park for tourists, the memories for the elderly… through the interactive presentation, you will experience the Enchanted Kingdom by yourself. Find your childish dream, imagination about magic, satisfy your curiosity, forget your age and stress.

The 90-degree speedy evil slides and screaming rainbow slides, exported from England, are designed by the world-class designer David Taylor. Only thrilling will make your childhood not wasted.

The adventure world opens children’s imagination. In such a zone for kid, putting wings of joy on every kid.

The realistic mini town, children driving experience. Mini auto town is formed by 12 themed elements. Highly reproduced the original driving street view, experiencing the authorized mini version of the exported car: Mercedes Benz, McLaren. Fun and intellectual, allowing the kids to learn in the game.

These three-themed parks have a combo ticket for 140 yuan (original price 200 yuan), covering kids club adventure world, 90-degree speedy evil slide, screaming rainbow slide, Enchanted Kingdom and Auto Town, one entrance for each one.

Additionally, the Palace Museum has free exhibition.

The most complete gathering place for well-known and trendy brands, satisfying your shopping needs at one stop.

Luxurious brands:



YSL, Estee Lauder, Channel, Dior, Givenchy, Amani, Sulwhasoo, Shu Uemura, Kiehl’s and other hot cosmetic products

International Brand:

LV, Hermes, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, D&G, Valentino and others.

Designer brands, complete children brands, some even can only be found here in all Shandong. There are many foods from different countries. You taste bud will be satisfied at one stop here.

Haixin Square includes Italian restaurants, Chinese and western cuisine, Sichuan snacks, authentic Korean cuisine, fashion Chinese cuisine, coffee … CASANOVA Italian Restaurant, Han Han theme restaurant – It’s nice to meet you, Dinghao Seafood Restaurant, Yu Xiao Shan, Yijin Korean cuisine, Qianshan Japanese Cuisine… there is also Sisyphe Bookstore, if you have shopped for too long, drinking a cup of coffee while reading book is a good choice.

Staring today till August 31st, first time downloading Haixin Square APP, can enjoy free parking for 20 hours. If you haven’t decided where to go, what are you waiting for?

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