Qinghai Sea Attractions – Free Activities at Qinghai

May 4th Square, Qingdao International Sailing Center, Eight Great Passes, Zhanqiao Pier, Zhongshan Park, Bathing Beach… those are all signature attractions along the seas in Qingdao. They have another thing in common, which is they are all free. When the tourists come to Qingdao, these attractions are the must go places. And the number of the similar attractions is 11 in total. August 13, Qingdao Bus Transpiration Group has kindly designed the bus guide to go to these 11 free attractions for the convenience of the tourists.

Get off the train at the train station, you arrive at the free attraction next to the sea – Zhaoqiao Pier. Here, it is the landmark of Qingdao. Each year, a large number of tourists will be attracted here. Starting here, along the coastline and walk towards the east, there is Luxun Park, the No. 1 Bathing Beach, Zhongshan Park, and other beautiful scenery that are free. The Qingdao International Sailing Center, used to host sailing competition for the Olympic Game in 2008, now is open to public for free. The blue sky and sea, and the yacht and sailing, make tourists kept coming here. The view at the Eight Great Passes is pretty like the paint. The flourish of the trees has hidden a variety of European styled Villa inside. Each year, it has attracted tourists from other cities to come here to visit.

According to the statistics provided by the staffs work for the bus, in the Qianhai No. 1 Line, from Zhanqiao Pier to east, there is Zhanqiao Pier, Luxun Park, the No. 1 Bathing Beach, Zhongshan Park, Eight Great Passes Scenic Area, Music Square, May 4th Square, Qingdao International Sailing Center, Sculpture Park, Shilaoren Bathing Beach, Shilaoren, which is total 11 free attractions.

In order to help passengers, understand the geographic locations and bus routes of the 11 free attractions alone the bus lines along the sea. The driver of the bus line 21 – Lu Xiaoming takes role of “guide” while working. Based on the frequent asked questions of passengers, such as “where to get off, how to transfer, walk for how far, where is the closest attraction”. Lu Xiaoming took advantage of her free time and visited the free attractions. After her summary, a computer mapped “Bus Route Map” is completed.

When you open the map, the streets near the see in Qingdao are clear. Each attraction is marked on the map, and also the buses that can get you there. Which location has what attractions and which line. So the guests will know immediately. Lu Xiaoming told the journalist:” When the drivers are driving, they cannot chat with the passengers. But if they don’t answer passengers’ questions, they will think the customer services is bad. Many routes to the attractions are very complicated. There are even splits, and short cuts. Merely rely on the oral explanation, passengers may find it hard to understand the location of the attraction and how they should get there. Sometimes, even if you explained for a long time, they still look confused. With this map, the passengers will get it immediately.”

At the same time, the bus company want to remind the residents and tourists: now it is busy season, where the pressure on the transportation is large. The parkings are limited. It is recommended to take bus to the attraction, and also promoting the low carbon way of traveling.

Appendix: take these buses to the 11 attractions

  1. Zhaoqiao Pier: take bus line 223, tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou, and get off at Zhanqiao Pier
  2. Luxun Park: take bus line 223, tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou, and get off at Luxun Park
  3. First Bathing Beach: take bus line 31, 468, 605, tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou, and get off at Nanhai Road Station
  4. Zhongshan Park: you can take line 31, 223, 468, 604, 605 and get off at Zhongshan Park
  5. Eight Great Passes: take bus line 31, 223, 604, 605, get off at Wushengguan Road, or take bus line 468 and get off at Ningwuguan Road
  6. Music Square: take bus 468 and get off at Music Square
  7. May 4th Square: take bus 601, tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou and get off at May 4th Square, or take bus line 31 and get off at the city’s government
  8. Qingdao International Sailing Center: take tourism line Laoshan or Yangkou, and get off at South Fuzhou Road
  9. Sculpture Park: take bus tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou and get off at Hailong Road
  10. Shilaoren Bathing Beach: take tourism line Laoshan, Yangkou and get off at East Hong Kong Road
  11. Shilaoren: take bus 612, 629, 638 or tourism line Laoshan and get off at Shilaoren
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