Visiting the Old Houses in Qingtian 76

The Qingtian 76 located in the Qingtian Street of Taipei has attracted many visitors, because of the free street guide, the delicious food, and the featured Japanese styled old houses with over 80 years of history. Here, you can feel the quiet and retro atmosphere in a busy Taipei.

The name of Qingtian 76 comes from the address of No. 6, Lane 7, Qingtian Street. It was designed and built by Professor masashi Adachi, and was completed in 1931 with a total space of 680 square meters. In 1945, the house became the residence of Professor Ma Yanying, who is a famous geographic professor at Taiwan University. In 2006, the house was officially designated as a Municipal Relics Site, named as “National Taiwan University Japanese Styled Dormitory – Former Residence of Ma Yanying.

Besides the rich cultural heritage that allow people to have a good exploration of the history. Each month, there will be free guide hold on non-fixed date, which will be released on the mid-month notice. So, public can register. At the same time, as the first scientific celebrity relics in Taiwan, the geographic education promotion is also the major task for Qingtian 76. Students group from elementary schools or high schools can book the science lecture 2 weeks ahead, which is completely free.

Besides the regular free guide and scientific activities, Qingtian 76 invites celebrities each month to host lectures. So, guests can listen to the sharing in the lecture, while enjoy the tea, coffee, and snacks. Besides, there is walking activity in the area, led by volunteers, starting at the Qingtian 76: walk outside and discover the history of the street. You will not only get to know the stories of the old house, but also take the stories of the street with you.

After experience the charming atmosphere of the old house, Qingtian 76 offers afternoon tea, Japanese light meals, so everyone can enjoy the delicious food. All the food are made from fresh fruits, fishes that are made freshly. The “spirit of green” made from selected oriental tea and the several Japanese apple juice, and coffee, which is the featured afternoon tea at Qingtian 76. One sip, you can taste the tea, apple juice and the coffee.

Besides, based on the needs of different number of people, Qingtian 76 provides different dining spaces, which are all made from the original rooms at the old house. Based on the number, it offers dining room for 4 to 20 people. If you want to dine outside, there is half-opened area or outdoor area.

Tired of the Hua Mountain, Songshan Cultural Creative Park? Going inside Qingtian 76, it feels like taking the ride on the time traveling machine to the past. Here, different than the noisy world outside. Why not take a trip to the past, feel the different brought by it.

Qingtian 76

Address: No.6, Lane 7, Qingtian Street, Da’an District, Taipei

Tel: 02-23916676

Opening hour: Monday to Sunday 11:30 – 21:00

Close every 1st Monday of the month

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