Recommended Restaurants Taipei – Favorite and Stylish Eats in Taipei

Love food? But sometimes don’t know which restaurant to go to? Today, 8 most favorite stylish restaurants in Taipei are introduced, let’s have “a tour on the table.”

  1. travel with the local food: Island1 kitchen

An industrial styled bistro with a low profile from the outside, the cuisine is entirely the authentic sense of Taiwan, the local food and common snacks and cuisine that have seen in Taiwan. But it is presented in a creative European cooking method.

Must eat list: sesame oil chicken braised rice, Pingdong Dongbao black pork, Spaghetti dumpling salty Tangyuan

Address: No. 10, 102 Alley Anhe Road, Da’an district, Taipei

  1. Making yourself at home at a foreign country: URBAN 331

In a style of simple, fashion and comfortable, it has the romantic feeling of being in an exotic country. The sound of Jazz music works well with the elegant environment, you can enjoy a mellow whiskey with the Tapas cuisine, carefully designed by the Italian chef – Massimo. It is the first step, which makes the tourists fall in love with Taipei.

Must eat list: 24 oz Florence big bone steak, Whiskey of travelling the world (five cups from shallow to deep)

Address: No. 331 South Dunhua Road, Da’an district, Taipei

  1. The life philosophy of embracing the ingredients: TK Seafood & Steak

Chef starts from the childhood memories of eating barbeque with family, with the respect to each ingredient, he makes the selection of the ingredients like each encounter on the trip, which are full of surprise. Each dish seems to help guests understand the deep meaning behind the “moment”. Various seafood cuisine uses baking with the shell, so guests can enjoy the most original flavor of the food.

Must eat list: roasted South African abalone, Boston lobster, Prime dry 28-day ripped Red House Steak, 14-day dried ripped Yilan cherry with duck breast

Address: No. 56 Da’an Road, Da’an District, Taipei

  1. The mixture of Taipei and Europe in Dadaocheng: Mikkeller Taipei Bar

Mikkeller from Danish has sweep the world with its creative brewery. Here, pepper, dandelion popcorn and coffee can all used as the ingredients for brewery. Additionally, there is Taiwan Guabao, croissant. The decoration is in line with the Dadaocheng. It committed to create the unique flavor for the city.

Must drink list: call 50, folk song, Only drink wine

Address: No. 241 East Nanjing Road, Datong District, Taipei

  1. drinking tea with poem: Chachathe

Combined the modern fashion and ancient taste, created by the founder of the famous clothes brand – Xiazi, Wang Chengcaixia, hoping each guest can feel the thickness of the history from the tea tasting. Even though, the restaurant is in the name of tea tasting, but many dishes are used tea in the French cuisine, completely presented the original flavor of food.

Must eat list: tea smoked top-rated United States Philly Steak, oven roasted Ibis pork, Bird’s nest gold sugar, vanilla purple rice tower

Address: No. 23, 219 alleys, South Fuxing, Da’an district, Taipei

  1. Experience the art of living through cuisine: Da’an No. 9

Da’an No.9 is mainly operated by the siblins – Xie Yiqian. The original reason to open the restaurant is to enjoy the world cuisine in Taiwan, mainly promoting the live seafood pot, using the Japanese live seafood, eel, crab, the soup uses the kelp, from Hookaido, fish and a lot of vegetables and cooks for 6 hours. No additive added. The soup is fresh. Because is located in the Ren’ai Road Alley No.9, thus called Da’an No. 9.

Must eat list: seefood sushi, double steak combo

Address: Building No.1 No.9 Alley, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei

  1. Explosion of your heart: Dazzling café

The Dazzling Café that leads the trend of sugar toast in Taiwan has a dreamy princess style. It is the first choice for the afternoon tea with a couple of besties. Not only popular among the girls in Taiwan, but also all around the world. Now, it has stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and even opened new location in Manchester, UK.

Must eat list: dark humor sugar toast, mochi QQ muffins, truffle fries, Margaret pizza

Address: No. 11, alley 7, 205 of East Zhongxiao Road, Da’an district, Taipei

  1. The luxurious bar from the upper town New York: D Town by a Train

After the highly rated B Line, the new D Town bistro has gained a large number of fans in a short time, and become the brand of fashion bar in Taipei. D town give you a sense of luxury but not too obvious. The black wooden design with classic bronze, creating a sense of gentleman in a normal whiskey bar.

Must drink list: Valentino, Destination, charcoal grilled cherry duck

Address: building NO. 2, Alley 49 of East Zhongxiao Road, Taipei

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