New Food Brands and Restaurants in Taichung 2017

In the past, many food brands chose to open their first store in Taipei. But recently, 3 restaurant groups opened their first store of the new brand in Taichung. They are Oriental Food Chain Restaurant Group – Rice Bar, Wowprime – Spicy King, and the La Kaffe International act as the proxy for “Tanyu”. Each brand has its own characteristics. The food lovers in Taichung are lucky.


Tanyu is a popular grilled fish store. The first store in Taiwan opens in Gongyi, Taichung (opened in June 16). Tanyu uses cooking methods like marinate, grilled, boiling and others to create a variety of fresh, spicy grilled fish of total 18 flavors. The grilled fish alone have 10 flavors with 3 characteristics: spicy, fresh and spice. The Chongqing Bean Grilled Dish is the featured dish, using spices such as pepper, mint, houttuynia root and others. The taste is spicy and numb, with the unique sauce it reproduces the authentic Sichuan Chongqing Flavor. Additionally, there is sauce grilled fish, fresh green pepper grilled fish.

Address: NO. 171, Gongyi Road 2 sec, Nantung District, Taichung

Spicy King

The new brand under Wowprime – Spicy King – the Sichuan flavored Malatang has officially opened in May 29th. The themed combo starts at 128 yuan, the most expensive 3 treasures of beef is 218 yuan. The average cost per person is about 200 yuan. There are three options in term of the soup, Dahongpao, spicy, and bone soup. The Dahongpao is made with 20 Sichuan spices, including 7-8 different types of pepper. Then cook the spice in low temperature and soak it into spicy oil for 30 days. Then slowly fried for 2 hours. The spicy flavor is suitable for people who have high tolerance for numbness. If you don’t like spicy, you can choose the bone soup, that are made from bones, chicken bones and other vegetables.

Address: 182 Meicun Road Sec. 1, Taichung

Tel: 04-2301-1969

Rice Bar

Rice Bar is the sixth brand launched by Oriental Food Restaurant Group. It mainly promotes the Chinese cuisine among all other cuisines. They have picked up all the popular Chinese cuisine, such as the Three cup chicken from Hakka dishes, Mapo Tofu from Sichuan cuisine, Egg pancake from Taiwanese Cuisine. So, the guests who love Chinese cuisine can have all of those once.

Address: Building 9, No. 301 of Taiwan Blvd sec. 3, Xitun District, Taichung

Tel: 04-2259-7718

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