Restaurants with views in high-rise building fit for dating in Taipei

“Mega 50 dining and conference”: the last restaurant and the tallest buffet restaurant in the country “Café 50” has opened officially on August 25th. It located in the 50th floor, where you can have all the beautiful view of Taipei in the day and night. Besides the three restaurants in the Mega 50 dining and conference, there are three restaurants in Breeze Xinyi “Tian Ji Hui”, 4 restaurants in the tallest building in Taipei, and INGE at the recently opened Marriot Taipei. They all have specular night views with delicious food.

Café 50

The buffet restaurant “Café 50” is located in the 50th floor of Mega Tower, known as the tallest buffet restaurant in the country. “Café 50” has a space of 1,322 square meters, offering 200 seats. The dining zone include the sashimi counter, frozen sea food counter, ice stone counter, sushi counter, salad zone, appetizer zone, Asian hot food zone, exclusive chef cuisine, hot stone cuisine, and liquid nitrogen ice cream, first seen in the five-star buffet restaurant. Each meal, the restaurant supplies more than hundred dishes. The restaurant offers special family dining zone, providing motorcycle rocking chair, small train tracks, crayon and drawing board, and food shaped puppets. So, the kids under five years old can have the space for fun and walking around.

The price part: the lunch is 780 yuan (special opening price 680 yuan), dinner is 880 yuan (special opening price 780 yuan) for the weekday. In the weekend, the lunch is 880 yuan (special opening price 780 yuan), dinner is 980 yuan (special opening price 880 yuan), which are all less than 1000 yuan (the special price will available till October 31st).

Address: 50th floor of Mega Tower, No. 16 Xinzhan Road, Banqiao, New Taipei

Tel: 02-7705-9700

Asia 49 Asian cuisine and lounge

The executive chef at the Asia 49 Asian cuisine and lounge is Marcus Ng from Malaysia, 32 years old. After he graduated from the local culinary academy, in order to seek more practice, he worked in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Maldives, Australia, Papua New Guinea in the Southern Hemisphere. Because his experience as a chef all over the world and his passionate in experience different food, he is not good with Malaysian cuisine, but also Thai food, Indonesian food and Vietnamese food. Marcus Ng says currently, the Malaysian food only accounts for 50%, others are mostly food from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In the future, it might add more Korean and Japanese food into the menu.

The pricing is calculated in a special way. No matter what you choose, any three dishes costs 688 yuan, five dishes for 988 yuan, seven dishes for 1,288 yuan. Any additional dish is 250 yuan. Because there is lounge at the restaurant, the opening hours are 11 in the night on weekdays, and 1 in the morning on weekends.

Address: 49th floor of Mega Tower, No. 16 Xinzhan Road, Banqiao, New Taipei

Tel: 02-7705-9700

Wangyue Lou

Located next to the Mega city, Wangyue Lou is on the 48th floor of Mega Tower. The dining table is set up at the window, offering great view. Three separate and private rooms, named as Mega City (24 people), Fuzhong Room (12 people) and Nanya Room (10 people), plus other seats, totaled of 100. The restaurant offers Cantonese, Sichuan and Hunan Cuisine, each dish starts with 280 yuan, the five dishes combo costs 1000 yuan to 4800 yuan per person. During the lunch time, it offers dim sum, starts from 120 yuan. The restaurant opens on May 24th.

The executive Chef Su Quanhui is very young, 36 years old. But he starts to work in the kitchen since 13 years old with over 20 years’ experience. The featured dishes including Cantonese daily soup, Green Shrimp, Fried truffles with fresh milk, pepper fried beef tongue, Lychee crispy duck, steamed fish with pepper, Cantonese shrimp and fish dumpling, and cute radish cake, you can tell how skilled the chef is.

Address: 48th floor of Mega Tower, No. 16 Xinzhan Road, Banqiao, New Taipei

Tel: 02-7705-9700

Morton’s Taipei Steakhouse

The biggest selling points of the Morton’s Taipei Steakhouse is the location, where you can see the whole Taipei 101 and the night view of Taipei, while enjoy the delicious steak at the same time. Different than the most steakhouse, there is no minimum consumption required. The appetizer, desserts, entrée and steak can be combined at your preference. You can come here just for the dessert.

Address: 45th floor, Breeze Xinyi, No.68 Section 5, East Dongxiao Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-2723-7000


Wanbenzheng has 110 seats, including several separate rooms and a sushi counter that can have 14 people. The most special thing here at the restaurant is the unique mobile sushi counter for servicing the guests in the room. So they can enjoy the freshly made sushi. You can order single dish or combo. The lunch starts from 980 yuan, the dinner starts from 1,800 yuan. The recommended combo is the Lian of 1,800 yuan and the Benzheng of 3,800 yuan. The same parts of the two combos are the appetizer, sashimi, toasted food, handmade sushi, soup, ice cream, fruit. Lian has boiled foo, in Benzheng, there is more toasted food, and also American beef and sukiyaki.

Address: 45th floor, Breeze Xinyi, No.68 Section 5, East Dongxiao Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-6639-7786

Taipei 47

The top floor – 47th floor of Breeze Xinyi has a great view of the Taipei City. The Taipei 47 is led by the executive chef of the Jinshan Restaurant at the Marina Bay Hotel Singapore. Even with the featured dishes brought by Huang Qingbiao, the price of the Taipei 47 is not expensive. The single dish starts from 180 yuan. The lunch combo starts with 980. Less than 1000 yuan, you can enjoy the featured dishes from Huang Qingbiao.

Address: 47th floor, Breeze Xinyi, No.68 Section 5, East Dongxiao Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-8786-3177

Diamond Tony’s Italian Restaurant 101

The Diamond Tony’s Italian Restaurant 101 mainly promise the Australian M9 beef and American Prime Beef, fresh shrimp and daily fish, and world top food changes with the season. Basically, the Diamond Tony’s Italian Restaurant 101 has a super view. All the beautiful scene of Taipei is in front of your eye. Once the day turn dark, the night view of Taipei makes the city even more fascinating.

Address: 85th floor, No. 7 Sec. 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-8101-0016

Dingxian 1010

Dingxian 101 starts with the Tainan noddle in the west Huaxi Road. Since then, it insists on providing fresh seafood and top service to each guests. With the change of the time, the restaurant has broadened its style of cuisine, and become the top French cuisine in Taiwan. It owns Cantonese tastes combined with the varieties of delicate Japanese cuisine, offering special Dingxian style to its guests.

Address: 86th floor, No. 7 Sec. 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-8101-8686 / 0800-00-86-87

Shinye 101

The Taiwanese cuisine at Shinye are many people’s childhood memories. The Shiye 101 is located on the 85th floor of Taipei 101. It has sight viewing windows on three directions: facing east, north and west. Here, you can see the mouth of the Tamsui River, watching the change of clouds and fog.

Address: 86th floor, No. 7 Sec. 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-8101-0185

Sui Business Lounge

Named as at your will, the Sui Business Lounge is located in the conference center’s Sky Lounge of the Taipei 101 financial building. Even though it is only located on the 36th floor, it can still show you a great view of the Taipei.

Address: 36th floor, No. 7 Sec. 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi, Taipei

Tel: 02-8101-6336


The fifth restaurant of Marriot Taipei, located on the 20th floor. The barbeque restaurant “INGE’s” opened on August 26th. Besides the indoor area, it also has an outdoor area, where you can see the view of Taipei from an angle of 270 degrees. No matter is the departure or the landing of the airplanes in Songshan airport, or the landmark of Taipei – Taipei 101, you can see them all.

The restaurant spends 3.7 million yuan to import the original machine combined with both functions of barbecue and oven-baking, using the cooking method of carbon, fire, smoke and others, lock the freshness and sweetness of the food inside. The INGE’s launched “Chef’s special”, so each guests can enjoy 10 dishes one time, including French duck liver mousse, grilled shellfish and prawns, steak and others, costs 2200 yuan per person plus 10%.

Address: No. 199, second Lequn road, Zhongshan, Taipei

Tel: 02-8502-9999

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