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San Antonio is a big city in Houston. The city is home to the successful NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs. It is a city that contains businesses that need a translation service that translates Chinese to English and English to Chinese. We have a service titled Chinese Connects that can perform this task. Businesses in San Antonio are in such need of a service that can perform the tasks we do because of the recent increase of Chinese residents in the state of Texas. Currently the Chinese population in San Antonio is at about 4,000. The total population of San Antonio is 1.4 million.


Local businesses in San Antonio like The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. This is a place where people come together for business purposes. Many people in San Antonio like to become members of The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. With the increase of Chinese residents in San Antonio, there will be an increase of Chinese businesses. Our service will be able to help out this local business. The communication being taken place in any type of business place has to be able to be understood by both Chinese speakers and English speakers.


Our company deeply understands how important communication is for businesses of different fields. The reason we stand out from other translation services is because we specialize in a lot of different fields. The different fields we specialize in are very important and crucial for economies. They are also fields that many people are interested in. Us helping local businesses in San Antonio can help their economy. Communication is the most important aspect of having a successful business. The more successful businesses San Antonio has, the better their economy will be. Businesses who lack a good communication system, lose a lot of support. The higher the Chinese population, the better the communication has to be towards them. According to reports, an investment form in China is planning to buy giant oil fields in Texas. In order for this to go well the communication has to be done right.


Texas and China have strong ties together. Since they have strong ties together, in the future there will be even more Chinese residents living in San Antonio due to the recent increase of trade between China and Texas. It is best for local businesses to start using us now as a translation service. Schools and financial services in the city of San Antonio will need us as well.


Last year in the month of July, CNBC reported that Chinese buyers have been feeding new energy into real estate in Texas. The reason there has been an increase in Chinese people buying real estate in Texas is because housing becoming more affordable there. Also because of China’s recent stock market crisis, there has been an increase of Chinese wanting to buy property in San Antonio. Housing in Texas is more affordable than it is in the East and West Coasts. Texas is not stopping their partnership with China anytime soon. It is crucial for the local businesses to be able to adapt to today’s time period. If they do not adapt to today’s time period, they are going to lose support from Chinese residents.


San Antonio is one of the most popular cities in the United States. Studies have shown that foreigners tend to rather live in a city that is well known than in one that isn’t. Not only can our translation service be beneficial to the residents, but it can be beneficial to employees at these businesses.


We can help give businesses in San Antonio a boost in their success. Our translation service can help draw in more customers. Again the better the communication system is at these businesses, the higher the chance of them having a lot of success. Since the economy has already been doing well in San Antonio, it is best for the city to make sure they can continue to have a lot of success. The higher the population of Chinese residents in San Antonio, the more we are needed to help the economy to become better than what it already is.


Chinese Connects is definitely a service that can be a wonderful addition to San Antonio. San Antonio already has a big population. At the rate the city is going, the population will continue to increase. We want to make communication easier between Chinese speakers and English speakers, especially because of the increase of partnering between China and the United States as a whole. As a company we realize that we are becoming needed more and more every day to help the communication between companies in the United States and China. Being that Texas is a state that has been increasing its trading with China, we are needed more so now than ever in San Antonio.


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