Shanghai Views – Best Views of Non Urban Areas in Shanghai

Speaking of Shanghai, you will remind of colorful metropolitan views. Actually, there is fresh and natural views of lakes and mountains. If you have free time, you can come to the pretty lakes to enjoy something different.

Dishui Lake

Address: Nanhuizui, Pudong

In the first episode of the season 1 of “Love Apartment”, many people mistake this scene as Hainan. In fact, the shooting scene was taking in the Dishui Lake in Pudong. Here is far away from the noisy city. The sky and water are the same color. There are not many people here. In the first pier, you can take speedboat and speed up in the water, or enjoy the view of the city on the tourist boat. Here is quiet with beautiful view. You can camp, fly the kite, fishing, sail, take the boat, or ride the bike around the lake. You can also walk around the lake, feeling the breeze from the lake, and enjoy the comfortable sunshine, which is also a satisfaction. The eight-km road around the lake, you can always find your own scenery.

Yinchu Lake

Location: Changfeng Park, Putuo district

Changfeng Park is one of the must-go spring tour destination for the children in Shanghai. Changfeng Park was originally called Biluo Lake Park, whose layout of mountains and lake was referring the Summer Palace. There is Kunming Lake in front of the Summer Palace, and Wanshou Mountain behind the Summer Palace. In front of the Changfeng Park is the Yinchu Lake, and behind is the Tiebi Mountain. The name Yinchu and Tiebi comes from Chairman Mao’s poem “. Changfeng park is free to enter. The trees on the island in the center of the lake are graceful. When the sunset, the whole water is sparkling. You can pretend to boat in the river at Cambridge.

Dianshan Lake

Location: west of Qingpu District, adjacent to Kunshan, Suzhou

Dianshan Lake is the biggest natural freshwater lake in Shanghai and also the source of Huangpu River, which is bigger than West Lake. It has the nice view of “The wind makes the common reed fall to the side, the boats are floating on the lake, the lotus flower are smiling”. The air is fresh, and the view is pretty. You can’t tell the edge of the water. Also, you can also choose to bike around the Dianshan Lake. Additionally, Dianshan Lake is surrounded by the famous Zhujiajiao, Shanghai Grand View Park, and Oriental Land.

Moon Lake

Location: Sheshan National Tourist Vacation Area, Songjiang

Moon Lake is an artificial lake, which is surrounded by East Sheshan, Xueshan and Phoenix mountain. At the lake, you can see the lonely Sheshan. Once you come here, you feel like stepping into the painting. The Moon Lake Sculpture Park built around Moon lake has around 60 sculptures. The park is designed with four themes – sprint, summer, autumn, and winter, dividing the side of Moon Lake into four seasons. Different views are especially suitable for walking.

Meilan Lake

Location: Luodian Town, Baoshan District

Meilan Lake is known as “the most beautiful place in North Shanghai”. A wide range of lake is quiet and elegant like north Europe. Here has the North European styled street, offering dining, shopping and entertainment. There is also the Meilan Lake Theme Park filled with joy and fun. Additionally, there is golf court, wedding photo shooting base, and various water entertainment. Leaning on the side of the boat, waving with the wind, the fairy tale of Andersen’s can’t be anything more than this!

Yuanxiang Lake

Location: Jiading New Town, Jiading District

Yuanxiang Lake is the core sight in Jiading New Town, which is the biggest artificial lake in East Shanghai. The shape of the lake looks like a “Hai (sea)”, which is echoing with the “Shang” shaped Shanghai Racing Field. It is next to the Yuanxiang Lake. When you stand on the sight viewing platform of the theater, you can see the whole lake and the view of the fountain. The Guangjing Blvd at the Yuanxiang Lake has a glass road above. Many people like to view the scenery here and take picture.

Guangfulin Lake

Location: Guangfulin Heritage Park, Songjiang District

There is a lake in Songjiang, which looks ordinary. But, if you listen carefully, you can hear the echo from five thousand years ago. It is Guangfulin lake in Songjiang. Before you get close to Guangfulin, you can see a large city above the water from the close by street. The eaves are “floating” on the water. This is the cultural exhibition area of the Guangfulin Cultural Exhibition Hall, including Cultural Exchange Center, Cultural Performance Center and Culture Exhibition Center, which are three building built next at the lake. The water is taller than eaves, which means that the Guangfulin Culture will appear in front of the people’s eyes after water receding.

Yinxiang Lake

Location: Nanxiang, Jiading District

Yinxiang Lake is located between Guqiyiyuan Road and Chashan Road. Even though the lake and the park is not big, they are very delicate. In the night, there is cool lightening view. Running around the Yinxiang Lake, it is about 1.5 km. The waterfront trail, sight viewing platform, wooden trail, bridge, wetland and other elements can be found throughout the core area of the park. Through the integration of three and water, forest and island, it creates the harmonic view of the mutual existence of city and nature.

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