Shannan, Tibet – The Tibet You Must See!

Shannan area is located in the north of the Himalayas in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is bounded by Lhasa on the north, Nyingchi on the east, Shigatse to the west and international border with India and Bhutan.

In facts, because of the roads and transportation issue in Shannan area, it has been hidden in the deep mountain for a long time. There are rarely any people who have saw the amazing beauty of it. Only people who have a deep love for Tibet and a strong curiosity, in order to enjoy the exceptional beauty of it.

Shanna, where is the its beauty?

  1. Zero distance to glacier

The No. 40 glacier under the Zhuomularikang Snow Mountain at the border between China and Bhutan is the best mountain glacier with the easiest access find so far. No special equipment, you can access the serac from zero distance.

  1. Snow Mountain Feast

Noijin Kangsang, Kaluxiong, Kulakangri, Kaerjiang, Mengdagangri, Guolakari, Dalari Snow Mountain… the endless snow mountain in Shannan, make you feel like in the hometown of snow mountain. Every place looks like fairyland.

  1. Yulsmad: the town has the least population in China

The Yul Smad in Shannan has a total area of 2,040 square km, which is almost the same as Mauritius. Only 7 households with 32 people, which is the town that has the least population in China and has the largest land per person. Here is the place of origin of the finest Caulis Spatholobi, which providing over 90 percent of the finest Caulis Spatholobi all over the country.

  1. Stepping on the McMahon Line, see the Indian soldier

Town Cuona at the cross border of China, India, and Bhutan, located at the McMahon Line. Because of the high mountain, deep valleys, rough road, closed traffic, the town Cuona has been rarely in contact with outside world. In the history, Cuona was called “Peiyujimoqion”, which means “hidden paradise”. Here still preserve the primitive living styles.

  1. Central area of the holy lake – Yamdrok Lake

One of three holy lakes in Tibet – Yamdrok Lake, which has total 21 islands. Many people here just for traveling, and take a few pictures at the Gangbala Mountain and the Zhamalong sight viewing platform, then they are done. But, the south of the Yamdrok Island in the center of the lake has the fingerprints of Guru Rinpoche, which is why Yamdrok Lake has attracted so many Tibetans to come here and worship.

  1. Tour of the temples

Besides the number one temple – Samye Gompa, there are many temples hidden in the area that has a huge influence, which includes Kajiu Temple, Saikaguotuo Temple under the influence of Nyingma, and the first heritage temple of Kagyupa – Luozhuwolong Temple.

  1. Holiday Carnival

August is the Ongkor Festival in Tibaten, where people celebrate the harvesting. Many villages in Shannan will host celebration. During that time, you will have chance to celebrate the harvesting with local.

  1. The hometown of the steamy hot springs

The Lapu hot Sprint in Shannan has known as the top 3 hot sprints in Tibet, which has high medical value.

Of course, there are countless pretty views and encounters on the way, waiting for each discoverer to find.


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