Recommended Hotels Near Shih Chien University (USC): Review

The Shih Chien University is a private university, located in the Zhongshan District, with a campus also in the Neimen District of Kaohsiung. This university focus mainly on design, and has helped a great number of students to achieve their dreams over the years, producing scores of professional artists and famous designers. The Shih Chien University has been recognized across the East for its excellence in the field of design, and the 9,000+ students studying at the university are able to choose between everything from music to fashion design and architecture.

The Shih Chien University was founded in 1958, but it became known by the name that it uses today some years later. In fact, the first name that the university was given was the Shih Chien School of Home Economics, with the name change coming sometime later, along with a change in direction.

The Zhongshan District is the center of the tourist industry in Taipei. This is where the action is and this is where the majority of visitors flock. It has been that way for some time and since the 1970s the hospitality industry has boomed in this district, with many attractions, clubs and hotels decorating the skyline. Some of the key attractions in the Zhongshan District include the Riverside Parks of Yingfeng, Dajia and Meiti, perfect for putting your feet up, or for taking a relaxing stroll; the Museum of Jade Art, which showcases a great number of beautiful jade pieces; and the Metro Mall, which hosts a number of shops.

If you want to join many other tourists by visiting this district then checkout one of the hotels below, both of which provide a comfortable and luxurious base for your holiday to this region.

Regent Taipei

The Regent Taipei is one of the biggest luxury hotels in Taipei. There are 538 rooms available here, with guests invited to choose between everything from Superior Double and Superior Twin Rooms, all the way to Junior Suites. Those traveling with families can also opt for the Premier Double Room with Balcony. Not only does this provide a great opportunity to soak up the sunshine and see the city skyline without leaving your hotel room, but these rooms were built to hold four occupants.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? Yes
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

As you can see from the checklist above, the Regent Taipei literally ticks all of our boxes. What more could you ask for? Well, you could also ask for a sauna and some massage rooms, you could also ask for a lounge and a bar, you could also ask for a hotel that is equipped with meeting rooms and a business center, and as it happens the Regent Taipei has all of these as well.

The benefits don’t end there either, because this isn’t just any pool, it isn’t just any sauna and it isn’t just any restaurant. The pool is on the roof, offering views of the Taipei skyline throughout the year, because despite being an outside pool, it is not seasonal and regardless of the time of year that you’re there, you can go for a swim. The sauna is attached to the spa and wellness center, where you can indulge in any number of treatments and massages. As for the restaurant, there is more than one. Hungry guests can choose between Chinese or Japanese fine dining, or something with a more International flavor.

Taipei Lotty Hotel

The Regent Taipei isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for something a little more affordable, then there are other options available, with one of the best being Taipei Lotty Hotel. The Taipei Lotty Hotel is a three-star rated hotel that is ideally located and comes with all of the amenities you need for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? No
  • Restaurants? No
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

The Taipei Lotty Hotel is lit with neon from the outside, bringing a slice of Las Vegas to Taipei. It is a fairly small hotel, with just 40 rooms available, but guests are able to choose from several different room types, beginning with the Classic Double Room and ending with the Quadruple Room which, as its name suggests, sleeps up to four people.

This is a family-friendly hotel that is also equipped to deal with business travelers. There are several services offered by the front desk that aim to make your holiday easier. These include a laundry service and a dry cleaning service, and they also have a currency exchange service and a tour desk. They even have a ticket service, which means that as well as finding directions and recommendations to the best that the city has to offer, the staff at the Taipei Lotty Hotel can even get tickets for you.

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