China’s Shili Old Street – Review

Here, you can trace back to time, watching at how time can flow slowly like floating water.

Here, it is the stone road, your footsteps knock the echo in the deep area in Jiangnan.

Here, the stories can be found everywhere. Each item has been through hundred years.

Here, the whole city is built to the mountain. The city is surrounded by the water. The grey and white themed old buildings are arranged in the mountain.

Here is the Songji Old Town in Yongchuan. The typical mountain city of Sichuan that has been looked at the Yangtze River for thousand years.

The river has witnessed thousand years of history, the changing of the old tow, the start of the place and the time when town became busy. The trace of the time that you cannot see, it all felt like yesterday.

The surface of the river in the afternoon, the fogs are raising, everything is so clam.

The river runs through, caring for the greenness on the side. The people lives at the Yangtze River, they born at the river and rest at the river.

“Old town, Shili Old Street, thousand years of history, Yangtze River”, the Songji in History, is the distribution centers for the business people in Yongchuan, Rongchang, Jianglv, Longchang, and Neijiang.

Now, the tourism in old town is popular, but Songji stands out of the crowd.

The Yangtze River, the quiet Shili Old Street, rich cultural relics, unique pier culture, and the nice residents. In such as quiet and relax environment, you can refresh the memory of the most beautiful time in life – your childhood.

Walking on the stone road in the Songji Old Town. If you listen carefully, you can hear your footstep. The flags of the wine store on the side of the read is waving with the wind. If you have stayed in the noisy environment for too long, you can spend some time in Songji.

Shili Old Street

Songji has about 5 kilometer of stone road. Mostly are residences here, the stores are not very many. So the business is not very strong. Wondering in the town, you can feel the strong sense of the old town.

Bainian County Government

The county government were setup in Songji during Ming and Qing Dynasty. From the entrance of the fish market, you can get on the a dozen steps, you can see the footsteps left by the history. The county government is located on the flat hillside. Its style is from Ming and Qing Dynasty. The base is still the same, the tree, the structure, and the stone round pier are all the witnesses of the couple hundreds of history.

Temple ancestral hall

Like many old towns, the bunch of temples and ancestral halls are located by the two sides of the main street.

The Ancestral Hall of the Luo’s family from Kangxi is preserved good, the carved bird, beast, insect, and fish looks like real. Here, there are also traditional ancestral hall, such as You’s Family and Shao’s Family.

The tomb of master

It is told that the teacher of the King in Nansong Dynasty – Chen Pengfei was demoted after being framed by Qing Hui. He started school with his wife in SOngji and buried here after death. It is called the tomb of master. The life stories of the two people are carved on the tombstone. This is quite popular in Songji.

Water conservation in Ming dynasty

It is the water conservation from Ming dynasty, and also a beautiful view of the nature. Thus, it is called “Hole of the flying dragon”. The water is deep, the water flow is non-stop. The time when the water conservation is built is carved.

The hole of the flying dragon has over thousand years of history. The waterfall, the deep water, the surrounding trees, and the wild flowers all over the places, the environment is quite and clean.

Island in the river

Wenzhong dam is also called Zhong Dam, which is located in the middle of the Yangzte River. In the spring, the land is all in green, bunches of duck are here. In the summer, the river rise. From the distance, it seems like a huge whale floats on the surface of the water. In the autumn, it is the view of harvesting. In the winter, the water receded, the whole Zhong Dam is appeared.

Food recommendation

9 bowls

The 9 bowls in the Sichuan Cuisine is the special food from Songji. The 9 bowls are consisted by 9 main dishes in Songji.

The first bowl is made from the fried lean meat and mixed with sauce, then steamed in the steamer made from bamboo.

Then, the fish, chicken, duck, rib, rice ball, rice with meat, egg products, pork elbow and others. All the dishes are carefully marinated then cooked by steam.

Yangtze River Songji Fish

Selecting the freshly caught fish in the river, cooked in the way of the boiled fish in Sichuan cuisine. It is spicy, fresh, and soft, making you don’t want to stop.

Additionally, the salty cabbage, sorghum wine, healthy vinegar, salt peanuts and other delicious foods are ready for you to taste.

Handmade gifts made with bamboo

Songji has long been the center of handicraft center. There are a lot of craftsmen gathered here. Now, many tourists will come to Songji to buy some nice handmade gifts.

Relaxing old town, slowing passing the thousand years of time.

The stone road, the building is old but still have its glory.

The river is running without resting.

This is the Songjiang old town.

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