Taipei Bakery in Shilin New Hot Spot for Afternoon Tea

The restaurant renovated from an 80-year old house. It turns out to be the newly established light food restaurant under the Brand of Guo Yuanyi, a restaurant with hundred years of history. The retro styled furniture, make you feel like in the time of your grandma. It is nostalgia and simple. The ancient flavored big kettles, one hot and one cold, are full of fun. And it also sells its own brand products.

There are a lot of contents on the menu that has combined the western and eastern elements. What make me curious is the Secret Recipe Mixed Cold Meat Spaghetti, which made from the Taiwan Braised Pork Belly with sesame sauce. The aroma combines the sweetness of braised pork belly and the bitterness of the sesame. It tastes very unique, I like it very much. The pumpin soup with the dish is not too thick. But the sweetness seems to have a lot of sugar added in.

The Mexican Pita with seafood and meat offers in large quantity. One bite, you can taste the freshness and deliciousness with the lettuces and the tuna sauce mixed with sweet and sour cucumber. Another one is mixed with smoked duck meat in peanut butter. The home-made beverage that makes with the cranberry vinegar. It is sour, sweet but not irritating. It is the favorite for female friends.

Of course, you should not miss the featured Taiwan Bakery. I chose nougat, yolk pastry, white peony, deep love and black rose. The grispy skin of the warm yolk pastry makes it taste even better. The stuffing is not too sweet. Also, the peanut cake, green bean cake and the charming sesame cake are the long-lasting popular products. The Chinese bakery with the old architecture makes the dining environment special and fun. It is not back to experience it.

Feels like taking Doraemon’s time machine. But the parking is terrible there, can you lend me the Dokodemo Door?

HOK-House of Kuo

526 Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City


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