Shisanhang Museum offering free stay overnight event

The scenes in the “Night of the museum”, where every night all the status and antiques come into night, making people very surprising and fulfilling their vivid imagination. Have you any imagined if you can stay a night in the museum? Shisanhang Museum in Taiwan will launch the free stay overnight event soon.

Shisanhang Museum is special due to its asymmetric shape, the grey walls are made from concrete. The long staircase outside with the lights make it very poetic. It has become a hot spot for photo taking and check-in on social media. The Shisanhang Museum before 7 pm is well known by people, however, the Shisanhang Museum in the night is a brand-new chapter of adventure.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of the residents, the Cultural Bureau of the New Taipei Government has launched a “Surprise overnight stay at Shisanhang Museum” sweepstakes in July. So the tourists can experience the scene in the movies. The guide will lead the adults and kids in the night visit of the museum, searching for the antiques, getting to know the cultural relics and the culture of the Shisanhang Musuem. At the same time, the tourists can sleep closely with the national level important antiques “Face pot” for a night and discover the secrets of the museum in the late night.

Address: No. 200 Museum Road, Bali District, New Taipei

Duration of the sweepstake: today till the June 19 (Monday) 24:00.

How to enter: like on the Facebook page of Shisanhang, follow and comment “I want to sleep with the ‘Face pot’”, also successfully tag three friends.

Cost: free (13 spots each stay)

Targets: Grader 1 or above (children younger than 10 years should be accompanied with parents, participants that older than 10 but younger than 18, need to have parents’ consent.

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