The best places to shop in Taipei

Taipei has perfectly combined art and modern. The varied products and fun shopping street makes Taipei the heaven for shoppers. If you want to find the most trending products in the fashion industry, or creative products, or even go treasure hunting in the night market, only Taipei can satisfy your need. Let’s check the five business districts, see if there is one for you.

Xinyi business district, luxury shopping and entertainment block

Xinyi business district is the most famous one in Taipei. The many luxury specialty shops and high end department store, hotels and the fashionable restaurant have made it the most luxury shopping district. Commercial buildings everywhere, bright lights at night. In additional, the street performers often show up outdoor, it is definitely a good place to have fun and relax.

Taipei 101 and Shinkong Mitsukoshi (Xinyi store) and Eslite Bookstore (Xinyi sotre) are the popular places for youth

Transportation: Metro Bannan Line – City Government Station

Ximending – the center of young and fashion

Ximending is constituted by Chengdu road, kangding road, Hankou street, Emei Street, and Zhonghua Road in Wanhua District. Here is also the center of the fashion in Taipei. The boutique stores are many and cheap. The restaurant, fashion stores, accessories, makeups and crafts and anything you can imagine. It is said that many celebrities will come here to purchase the things they need. Many films’ publishing ceremonies and film shooting choose here.

The Red House Theater is the landmark in Ximengding and also the best example of the modern creating combines with traditional monuments. The Wikiwand is the youth indicator in Ximending. The American Street is filled with the unique American style. The pieces of colorful and prominent style of graffiti have made here a pace of fashion. The 16 Workshop is a famous creative park in Ximending. When you shop here, you will be amazed with the clever design of the owner.

Transportation: Metro station Bannan Line – Ximen station

Zhongxiao Dunhua business district (east region) – integrated shopping area

Zhongxiao Dunhua business district (east region) is the busiest business district in Taipei. There is the old Pacific Sogo Department Store, American styled Breeze Center and many famous restaurants, such as the Dingtaifeng and Red Steakhouse on the East Zhongxiao Raod. The flagship store of Eslite Bookstore is also located in Dunnan. The stalls on the streets offers cheap stuffs waiting for the tourists to discover. And the night market at the National Taiwan Normal University makes the night life interesting. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday there will be creative marketplaces in the underground tunnel, where connects the National Taiwan Normal University campus and the library.

The creative marketplace is the good place for the college students to find good stuffs and experience the good food.

Tianmu Business District – delicate shopping district

The boutique stores for clothing and restaurants in the east and west part of the Tianmu road has led this area a busy business district. Different than the chaotic in the other shopping business districts, Tianmu business district is known for the boutique style, offering many exported products, which is very suitable for the artistic and elegant living tone.

The marketplace in Tianmu is only operating during the weekend, which is divided into the two parts by Tianmu square. The east side is the flea market, the west side is the flea market and the creative market. The street vendors are the local residents. People can always find the surprise here. Young people can find their dreaming shoes and creative stuffs here. The older people can find the wool products to make crafts.

Guanghua Digital Plaza

The Guanghua Digital Plaza to Taiwan is like Akihabara to Tokyo. After the merge of Guanghua Shopping Mall and Xining Digital Plaza, now it has become an electronic plaza, books, computers, peripherals, CDs and electronic accessories, audio games, audio-visual products and popular sports products and anything you want. It is the biggest electronic shopping business district in Taiwan.

Transportation: Metro Station Bannan line – Zhongxiao Xinsheng Exit 1

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