New Taipei City’s government launches traveling plan in Shuangxi

New Taipei City’s government has launched in-depth traveling plan in Shuangxi, including “energetic and simple river flow”, “field with stories”, “home of muntiacus reevesi”, and “Love for mountain and water” – four theme route. It will let the travelers experience the farm life, and fell the different culture and custom.

In the trip of “Home of Muntiacus Reevesi”, you can taste the Duanmu mushroom, agaric, and organic vegetables.

The head of the Tourism Bureau, Chen Guoju expressed that the municipal government will corporate with Shine Tour. This year, they will make training plan for the guiding staffs. Combining the Shuangxi poetry, calligraphy, organic garden, health enzymes, natural good food, and other features. Through the small trip, it hopes to deliver the local culture.

Trip one “Energetic and simply river flow”: ride the iron horse around the Shuangxi, passing through Nantian Flower Garden, traditional blacksmith shop, Linyi Hetang Traditional Chinese Medicine Store. Then you go back to the old ferry, where the poetries were singing there. Overlooking the old side of the Donghe Theater on the other side of the river. You can go to the Village of Camellia and the practice of the calligrapher. You can also visit the temple of Land of hundred-year history.

Trip two “Field with stories”: go to the natural farm land to experience farm work. Collecting the fresh grass jelly, visiting Kom Foot Community, memorizing the life back in the mining era, tasting the regular household cuisine of what grandma cook the best, and also attend the food education with the children at the Shanglin Elementary School.

Trip three “Home of Muntiacus Reevesi”: visiting Tiger-panther pond, and revealing the mysterious Taiping Fam. Going to the Letian Farm, tasting the Duanmu mushroom, agaric, and organic vegetables planted by the brothers of Wu family. On your way back, you will pass the Lanping Thousand Miles, where you can climb up and oversee the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Trip Four “Love of Mountain and Water”: visiting the morning market, you will pass the seamount cake shop of hundred-year history and the Three Faiths Temple, which is the center of the local religious center. You can go to the Hirabayashi Recreation Farm to enjoy their featured cuisine. Then, you can taste the natural enzymes made from the fruit and the German black wheat bread in Houyu Farm.

“Fall in love with Shuangxi, slow and small trip” has a total of a thousand spots. The estimated starting date of the trip is from the end of the August to October. Each group will have 20 spaces. The registration starts from 10 o’clock this morning, the cost varied from 800 yuan to 1,300 yuan. For detailed information, please refer to the website of the Tourism Traveling Site of the New Taipei City.

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