Chinese Translation Services in Singapore – Review

Singapore is an island-city state. It is located in southern Malaysia. This island-city state is known for its multicultural population and it has a tropical climate. Singapore is a global financial center. As of 2013, the population has been listed as 5.399 million. Chinese Singaporeans represent 71.4% of its residents. The main languages spoken in Singapore is
English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Since English and Mandarin are two of the main languages spoken in the island-city state, it is crucial that a strong Chinese translation service is in existence for different places there. Mandarin is sometimes referred to as Standard Chinese in English.

Which Translation Service will be best to use?

The answer to this question is our translation service named Chinese Connects. We specialize in many different fields like technology, law, finance, telecommunications, art, medicine, and engineering. All of these different type of fields exist in Singapore. We can translate from English to Chinese and Chinese to English. Our translation service strives to make communication better between Chinese speakers and English speakers. Employees for this company always make sure that the translations are correct and work in a timely manner. This service can serve as a major benefit for Singapore.

Many Singaporeans are bilingual. The reason is because Singapore has a strong bilingual education policy. Their policy requires for a dual-language learning system. Most Singaporeans start learning in a dual-language system as early as primary school. English is the main language that is used during instruction. Most of the children in Singapore learn one of the main languages on top of this as their second language. Even though most of the children learn a second language, the use of the ethnic languages has been decreasing in households and English has been becoming predominant. English has been becoming more used in mass media in Singapore.

The government in Singapore has been advising that Chinese Singaporeans to speak Mandarin. One of the reasons is because that language is a tool to form a common Chinese cultural identity. Another reason is because of the rise of China’s economy. Since China’s economy has been growing a lot in the 21st century, there has been a greater need for the Mandarin language to be used.

Chinese Connects can help make learning Mandarin easier for its Chinese Singaporean residents. We can do this by having our service be used at schools when needed. It can also always be used when a person who speaks Mandarin needs to talk to someone who can only speak English. The service can be used in situations that are vice versa.

Back in November of 2015, this website Straits Times reported that China is currently Singapore’s largest trade partner. Our service can make the communication between Singapore and China better that what it currently is. The service works in a timely manner. As a matter of fact the founder of our company noticed that there was improvement needed in the communication system for trading. This company has been striving to make communication easier between China and the rest of the world.

Finance offices in Singapore like Ministry of Finance can benefit off of our translation service. This is a plus since finance is one of the fields we specialize in. It is important for us that both English speakers and Chinese speakers are able to receive good customer service at all times regardless of the circumstance they are in. The fact even the government in Singapore wants more Chinese Singaporeans to learn Mandarin means that there needs to be a thorough translation service available that can be used for residents. We can help make sure that Chinese Singaporeans are able to learn Mandarin. Our employees are very serious about making English speakers be able to communicate better with Chinese speakers in different parts throughout the whole world. As a company always strive to make sure our service is the best. Making sure our service is the best is very crucial for all of our employees. We always make sure we satisfy those who need our service at any time. Our company strongly strives to make communication better for anyone. We strongly believe our service can make not only Singapore, but other places in the world advance more.

Communication is an important aspect of the world. Without communication we would not be able to get anything done. Also we would not be able to keep advancing. Why not want to make the communication in the world continue to advance even more than it already has? This service can definitely make changes throughout the world. Since our service specializes in many different fields, we can help make communication within the entire world change for the better. Like mentioned earlier, we can help many different businesses become even more successful than they are now.

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