Recommended Single Traveler Restaurants in Shanghai

Editor has asked friends who love food to share their stories and recommendation. Today, it will make a list of the restaurants that are suitable for one person to dine.

Shushui Restaurant

Shushui comes from the Book of Rites, it means bean and water in simple term.

Used to the meat and fish, you might feel like eating some light vegetables. The environment is clean and simple, using fresh green and white. It might make you feel like a bookstore or a café. The mushroom noodle soup, everything looks unrelated, but makes a delicious mix. The mushroom makes you feel like eating meat, which absorbed a lot of soup. Once you bite the mushroom, you can taste the thickness and chewiness. The signature dried tofu is not too salty, the skin is a little bit dry. But when you take a bite, the inside is soft and wet.

Per person cost: 38 yuan

Address: L610 Hongqiao Hub Shopping Center, 688 Shengchang Road

Tel: 021-62210899


In the thousand eyes of people, there is their own memories of Hong Kong. I like the tea house restaurants in the Hong Kong Drama. The food that looks ordinary but fulfilling. The decoration of the store and the design of the menu are full of nostalgia. The light sign in dark green and pink. I especially like the store in ASE. Even though the shop is not big, the staffs holding the plates run in and out, gives you a sense of happiness. Egg with BBQ pork rice, perfect for one person. Thick cut spam and fried egg, one egg with one thick spam, while eating it, you just want to speak a few words from the classic TVB shows. Here has curry fish egg, Pineapple bread…no matter which one you combine, it can always stimulate the visual and taste.

Per person cost: 48 yuan

Address: ASE Global, many stores on East Najing Road


It is located in one building on Jiangsu Road, hidden in an unnoticeable place on the second floor. Ganesha is the elephant head God represents wisdom and wealth in Hindu pantheon. Most of the customers here are foreigners. The chefs are all coming from Nepal. The ABC combo for lunch is very cheap. It might be a little bit too much for girls. You have the unlimited pancake and rice. You can eat the pancake with the curry, feeling like staying at a street shop in India.

Per person cost: 54 yuan

Address: Shunyoung Huge World 211, 458 Jiangsu Road, Changning District

Tel: 021-32506100 18916059515

Yuan Niuniu Cuisine

A lot of people looking for the crispy grass carp, and ends up here. Here is the most cost-effective shop for crispy grass carp. The hand-painted murals with bright colors, the one person and one pot shows the pleasant atmosphere for dining alone. Many dishes here you can order half, which fit the people’s need that don’t want to waste. The crispy grass carps are all raised in the fishbowl.

Per person price: 85 yuan

Address: 3rd Floor, Huiyang Plaza, 75 East Tianlin Road

Tel: 15900999354

Qimin Market

Some people rates that eating hotpot alone is the loneliest thing ever. He definitely hasn’t been here before. Hot pot can be a celebration for one person too. The decoration in the ceiling is string for hanging clothes, which is rare to find in the restaurant. Like the busy of the restaurant, but not noisy. Siting at long table, while facing at each other. Lack of privacy, but just fine for eating alone. If you don’t know what to order, just order the featured dish. You can’t be wrong with that. The Qimin specially made platter of balls, cuttlefish balls, beef ball, shrimp balls, are tight. There are many flavors of the pot you can choose, tomato, coconut chicken… at first, you won’t taste the heavy flavor of the seafood, the longer you cooked, the heavier the flavor.

Cost per person: 210 yuan

Address: 4th floor Reel Shanghai, 1601 West Nanjing Road

Tel: 021-62593004

Man Zhong

Summer is the season of eel. This restaurant for eel rice is in the non-obvious corner of Yuyuan road. They name the restaurant after the dish, showing they are very confident with the food. The 10 sm Japanese styled decoration is very clean. There is only one dish sold here, the wall says “Man Zhong 100 Yuan, nothing else”. It is very appropriate for people who like simple or have sever choice phobia. The authentic Japanese style. The each 750-gram eel can only make two box of eel rice. The squared box filled with eel rice. The crispy skin, soft but not loose meat mix with rice, creating the delicious food.

Cost per person: 115 yuan

Address: 580 Yuyuan Road, Changning District

Tel: 021-52689958

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