Taipei’s “Bookstore Street” on South Chongqing Rd.

The bookstore street on the South Chongqing Road uses to give people the image of the old city. In order to change this stereotype about the bookstore street, the South Chongqing Road Bookstore Street promotion association this year has integrated surrounding featured bookstore, historical sites and attraction, launching the “South Chongqing Road Bookstore Strolling Map”. It has planned one-day traveling route with three themes: parent and kids, hipster, and enjoy living. Residents are invited to have a little trip on the bookstore street, experiencing the old style and new flavor, the dancing between the past and modern styles.

The president of South Chongqing Road Bookstore Street promotion association, Shen Rong-yu says, there are many featured stores and attractions aro9und the South Chongqing Road Bookstore Street, such as “South Chongqing Road Ninety ten – Cultural Creative Park”, Commercial Press, Futai Street Mansion, Cheng’en Gate, Taipei North Gate Post Office, Camera, video and music business district. There are also special stores such as celebrity café, Jinxingfa life store, architecture space and others. Also, several nice restaurants are worth visiting and discover the flavor of the restaurants in detail.

This three routes planned this time are based on residents’ preference. Such as the “Parent and kids’ nostalgia trip”: visiting the Taiwan Museum, Land Bank Exhibition Hall, and North Gate Post Office and others. There are also two two eight peace park, Anxin Restaurants that gathered peasant dishes, and Rice Revolution Kitchen.

“Hipster slow book trip” route launched the Smith & Hsu Modern Tea House, which was awarded the silver price from the 2014 Transformation of the Old House, the nostalgia Celebrity Café with over 60 years’ history, the best shopping place for stepping stone, and products from foreign countries and Jinshitang. The “Enjoy living and fun playing – U-bike” route connects West Gate and Taipei Hospital Metro Station, where you can pick up the U-bike and have fun at the bookstore street, camera street, and video and sound street.

The director of South Chongqing Road Bookstore Street promotion association says the “South Chongqing Road Bookstore Strolling Map” can get from “South Chongqing Road Ninety-Ten”. It is estimated after August; the map will be available for residents at the metro stations. Additionally, from today, once you collect the three stamps from the “South Chongqing Road Bookstore Strolling Map”, you can exchange them for a limited version of the famous postcard. It is designed by the illustrator Kiwi. Residents can color by themselves, adding some additional style into your travel memories.

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