The must-go six new spots in Southern Taiwan

From the end of 2015 to the early 2016, many eye-catching attractions are coming into service all over Taiwan. If you have not had the chance to visit, you might want to try to go there during the Spring Festival Holiday of 9 consecutive days. Following the summaries of Taiwan and Middle Taiwan, this article will sum up “Must go places in Southern Taiwan during Spring Festival” for your reference.

  1. Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Chiayi

The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum has put into operation officially at the end of last year, becoming a crucial place to showcase historical relics and culture in Southern Taiwan. The popular “Jadeite Cabbage” will send to Southern Branch for display to accompany the opening of Southern Branch until October 2nd, 2016. The meat-shaped stone will be put on display on October 4th. So people in Southern Taiwan can enjoy the two treasures of National Palace Museum without going too far away.

Address: No. 185 Gugong Blvd, Taibao, Chiayi

  1. Glass slipper church, Chiayi

The “Glass Slipper church” has not even opened yet, it is already all over the media. The church is 17 meters high, 11 meters wide, and made out of over 320 tinted glass panels. Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration plans to build 100 photo shooting spots around the church, connected with walking lane. Part of the church will open to public on the first day of Spring Festival, limiting the total number of visitors to 1000 during each restricted period.

  1. Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park, Tainan

The Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park is back to Tainan again after two years. Opposite to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Tainan, it used to be the First Judicial Village (old dorm of government employees), after renovation, it is now the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park. The Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government, has invited architecture Liu Guo-cang to design a 3D blueprint at the front of the Park. Also, artist Li Ming-dao has designed mascot “BLUES” for the park. BLUES is 3-meter tall in sea-blue with a pair of super long legs. His LED eyes can change expressions non-stop. Now it has become the new landmarks in Tainan, starting its soft opening at the moment.

Address: Ln. 689, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd, West Central Dist, Tainan

(Old dorm for government employees, opposite to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi)

Opening hour: Park opens all day

Stores operating hour: 10:00 – 22:00

  1. Sunflower Maze, Kaohsiung

The biggest Sunflower Maze, since its preparation from November last year, you can see the word “5230 (I love forests)” in the air, lining up as a shape of a maze, which is 3 hectares. The flower filed of 25 hectares will exhibit for ten days, except for Sunflower Maze, flower field, Chinese Fir Plantation and others. On the scene, there is picking flowers activity, praying area and agricultural products sells, flower-watching for couples and other activities.

Show Period: Feb. 5 – Feb. 14

  1. Glove Puppetry Painting Field, Pingtung

Attained free authorization from Pili International Multimedia Company, Pingtung government 4 colors rice, including purple, white, yellow and green, made the world first “Glove Puppetry Paining Field”, covering an area of 2 hectares. The entire filed is to portrait the important character in Glove Puppetry – Su Huan-zhen, based on the one-page book, displayed the character’s features vividly with four color rice.

To give visitors a full view of the 3D Glove Puppetry Painting Field, a 6-meter high viewing platform will be set. The number slips will be distributed during each time slot, so visitors can overlook the field from a high place.

Time: Jan. 30 to Feb. 29

Ticket: Fee

Location: Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Exhibition Area

Opening Hour: 9 am to 5 pm, Park will be closed on New Year’s Eve

  1. Glass Bridge, Pingtung

The most recent popular attraction has to be the “Shanchuan Glass Bridge, a length of 262 meters and a height of 45 meters. It is so far the longest suspension bridge in Taiwan.

The Glass Bridge connects two townships of Majia and Sandimen, overlooked the magnificent mountain views. The body of the bridge is designed with the glass ball, representing Paiwan and Rukai. On both sides of the bridge, the glass decorations have in inlaid. In addition, there are also 24 story plates telling the compassionate stores. With the art of carving, visitors feel like walking through the corridor of stories.

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