Quality Spanish-English Translation Services in 2016

In light of growing demand for Spanish translation services across the globe particularly in the USA and Canada, Chinese Connects has now expanded its business model beyond Chinese translation services to now offer high-quality Spanish translation services. Services include English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation, Chinese to Spanish translation services in addition to other languages upon request.


Chinese Connects has been in the translation business for more than a decade and has seen demand for English-Chinese and even Chinese-Spanish translation services grow rapidly. In fact, the US now houses more Spanish speakers than Spain, and falls only behind Mexico in terms of overall speakers. Businesses, law firms, medical operations and many other applications rely on having strong translation services to communicate their messages clearly and to deny investing in such services arguably translates into missed opportunities.


We screen our Spanish to English translators based on set tests and quality standards that our new team has put together to ensure quality. Unlike many translation companies who outsource their work to random translators, our in-house team has already been screened and prepped to make sure your needs are met. We uphold high standards and take pride in ensuring excellent language quality. Most of our team is made up of bilingual speakers who make up the ever-growing population of people in the US who speak a language other than English at home.


Chinese to Spanish and vice versa is another area we have expanded into based upon the growing demand of Chinese into US areas such as California where populations are increasingly interacting with Spanish-speaking people. The amount of qualified translators to fill this niche is limited but has nevertheless been a main pursuit of us despite long periods of testing as well as trial and error.


Feel free to contact us at Chinese Connects home page for any inquiries.

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