Stinky Tofu Listed as the Top Food in Taipei’s Night Markets

In the night market of Taipei, a crispy stinky tofu with stinky smell from the outside to inside, if you eat with the kimchi made from pickled cabbage, and then pour with garlic sauce or soy sauce, sesame sauce, or spicy sauce, you will have a mouth full of crispy, sweet and sour taste, which you will remember for a long time.

In the recent announced “2017 Taipei Night Markets Food Festival”, in the top 10 foods voted by the people on the internet, the stinky tofu is most liked by many people. The oyster omelet, chicken cutlet is followed, which are the top 3 foods selected.

The event is hosted by the Market Department of Taipei City, the voting process is conducted on the internet. The foods are selected from 33 types of representative foods from the night market.

From the press release from the Market Department of Taipei City, the top 10 most popular foods in the night markets are stinky tofu, oyster omelet, chicken cutlet, salty crispy chicken, milk tea, sweet potato ball, stewed ribs with herbals, Douhua, intestine and oyster noodle, night market steak.

The Market Department says, the “2017 Taipei Night Markets Food Festival” will combined the Ningxia Night Market, Shuangcheng Street Night Market, Yansan Night Market, Liaoning Street Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Wuzhou Street Night Market, Linjiang Night Market, Guangzhou Street Night Market. These eight night markets will take advantage of the fan page of “Taipei Food Fun”, attracting a large number of fans to participate in the voting. The total votes are 17,000. The top one Stinky tofu has 1,482 votes, the oyster omelet has 1,279 votes, the chicken cutlet has 1,025 votes.

The stinky tofu was told that it was brought to Taiwan by the veterans, who was born in Hunan, mainland China. After years and years modification, the stinky tofu has become the flavor we eat now.

The internet user Hans Chang says, stinky tofu is the best test to check if you are Chinese or not. It is the most accurate. On earth, there is only Chinese, who eat it as snacks. Foreigners would all think the stinky tofu is a weird existence and would not want to try it.

Recent years, there is stinky tofu flavored instant noodle that is launched on the market. It uses traditional stinky tofu with sauerkraut, and duck blood. The numb and spicy flavor has become popular for people who like to eat late-night dinners. It also revises the traditional stinky tofu.

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