The Must-Eat Street Foods in Hong Kong

There are many delicious foods in Hong Kong, thus, I selected one place to talk. Let’s pick Yuen Long, which I have been to recently. (The price mentioned below are all in Hong Kong dollar).

First, let’s talk about the transportation. The food hunting road in Yuen Long that I’m going to talk about only need to take bus, which is from Futian Port to Yuen Long. Once you get through the port, you can take the Kowloon bus line B1 at the Lok Ma Chau Station. After 7 stops, get off at Yau San Street. Basically, all the restaurants introduced below can be reached by walking.

  1. The fresh dairy from the rangeland in New Territories – Qian Jing Shi Duo

The Kang Ning Rangeland in New Territories is the only rangeland that produce dairy. Qian Jing Shi Duo is one of the places that sells the dairy from Kang Ning. The place is very small. When I went there, only an old man was there.

He is very nice, and keep telling us the quality of the dairy from Kang Ning Rangeland is very good. There are three flavors: original, chocolate, and milk tea. One bottle for 12 yuan. If you take the bottle with you, you have to pay 2 more yuan.

He doesn’t speak very good Cantonese, he told us a lot, which we only understood about 50%. The only thing I’m sure is that he said he will close the shop end of this year. Because no one in his family would want to take over. But, when he was speaking of his family, he is very proud. He showed us a laminated newspaper. His grandson or granddaughter (I don’t remember clearly) is playing soccor and the individual picture was posted on the news. In the last, he gave us a another one for free. If you want to help his business, then you might want to stay a little longer and talk to him.

Address: No. 32, Yu Wing Path, Yuen Long

  1. Scaredy Cat Ice Cream and Coffee Shop

Tiffany Blue Soft Ice Cream

Such a good-looking soft ice cream was discovered by us randomly, when we were walking on the street after eating. And we saw it across street. When we first saw it, I think I heard the “wow” in my heart. Even though I was full, but I can’t resist to buy and take picture.

In terms of price, the mini one sells for 20 yuan, the waffle cone sells for 25 yuan. Also, the blue ice cream is vanilla flavor. It is told other flavors will be offered non-regularly, such as milk tea, Japanese green tea and others. Additionally, you can try the smoothies here besides the ice cream.

Address: Shop 8A, G/F, Kin Wai Building, 27 – 29J, Yau San Street, Yuen Long

  1. Ya Yu Douhua (highly recommend), the satisfaction you can buy with 8 yuan

A small shop doesn’t have any table seat. And you have to clean up yourself after eating. But, no one is stopped by this, a lot of people still come to here. The sugar water and brown sugar are self-serviced (you can add as much as you like, satisfying my dream when I was kid). How can I describe the deliciousness of the Douhua?

The soft and smooth with the aroma of soybean, and each bowl only sells for 8 yuan, which has high price-performance ratio. This store is honorably selected by us as the most satisfying street food NO. 1 in our food tour in Yuen Long.

Put Chai Ko

You must not forget to eat Put Chai Ko! After eating a lot of so-called authentic Put Chai Ko, I finally find the really good and really authentic flavore. Price: 5 yuan for two, 10 yuan for five.

Address: Shop 12, Wang Fung Building, 2 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long

  1. The sauce of Kebab King is exceptional delicious

This Kebab King is very popular, which has opened for more than 10 years. The shop is next to the Ya Yu Douhua. So, you can walk to there while eating. I ordered chicken, beef and chicken wings. Maybe it’s because I’m wearing braces, the meat is too hard for me to chew. But the sauce is really great, a little bit sweet. The price is about 15 -20 yuan per each (it is told the chicken skin is the signature here!)

Address: Shop 11D, G/F, 2 Fau Tsoi Street

  1. Victory Beef Ball: tendon and sirloin is so soft

The popularity of Victory Beef Ball is no need to emphasize. The soup’s taste is too strong, it’s a little bit too salty to me. The tendon and sirloin are really soft. The price of one bowl of beef ball, tendon, sirloin tougher is 32 yuan.

Address: G/F, 1 Hong King Street, Yuen Long

  1. If B Boy’s Cold Noodle has too many people, then come to Fan Hau Dessert

Many people go to B Boy’s Cold Noodle for dessert. But if there are too many people, why not try the Fan Hau Desset, which has the same value to the people in Yuen Long.

There is large (88 yuan), median (68 yuan), small (48 yuan). The median size is enough for 3 people. The taste is decent, but the fruits in the bottom are a lot. Besides the one you can see from the surface, there are dried lychee, and others canned fruit. (It is told that the Mango pomelo sago is the featured dish here.)

The chocolate milk ice cream is pretty good and very soft.

Fan Hau Dessert

Address: 59 Yau San Street, Yuen Long

  1. Sumore’s ice cream is solid, egg waffle is too thick

I actually like this restaurant. It is very small, but the owner is very nice. At least, he will answer any of your random questions nicely. And, he will greet each guest.

Speaking of the ice cream, the ice cream ball is very sold. It is tasty ice cream. Maybe because of the flour used to make the egg waffle is different. It is too thick. You will get too full if you eat all. The price is 38 yuan.

Address: Shop 11C, G/F, 38 Yau San Street, Yuen Long


08 Squirrel Burger – 45 yuan you can have a handmade beef burger

Yes, a meal includes an entrée, French fries, and beverage for 45 yuan. And the quality is the hand-made Angus beef burger combo.

Address: G/F, Block A, Yee Fung Garden, 38 Ma Tin Road, Yuen Long

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