Japan, Korean and Myanmar Streets in Taiwan

Do you know how many “Exotic Streets” are there in Taipei? Here, there are luxurious residence left from the Japanese colonial period. There is also the imitating Japanese street formed by the Southeast Asian immigrants. Come and walk around the five streets during the weekend, you don’t need to take the airplane to enjoy the world view.

Ten-pass, the dragon country during the Japanese Occupation era, now, it still has maintained the strong Japanese style

From Civic Blvd Expressway second section to the East Nanjing Road, there are ten alleys in between. The “Ten-pass” is where the dormitory of the government officials, and luxurious residence located. After the war, the new government has taken those as governmental dormitory. Later, after the Japanese economic recovery, the Japanese businessmen have returned to Taiwan to invest and build factory. There are Japanese cuisine, pub, and disc appearing on the “Ten-pass”, which attract a lot of Japanese travelers and businessmen.

Even though it is affected by the Economy, the Japanese businesses in the “Ten-Pass” are not doing as great as before. However, it has kept many Japanese style architecture, restaurant and bar. Especially the Eel rice in the “Seventh-pass”, you have to wait for a long time.

Besides the famous Japanese cuisine and bars, there used to be people here have special business. It is the city that never sleeps. Some Japanese people even come here for this. However, due to the economic recession, and the effect of government control, there are less activities here.

Korean Street: authentic Korean food, you don’t have to travel abroad to buy

The Zhongxing street in Yonghe, is known as Korean Street. This is the settlement formed slowly by Korean immigrants, who came to Taiwan 30 years ago. Speaking of Korea, you will think of delicious Korean Barbeque, fashion clothing, and streets filled with K-Pop music, but .. here is different than that you have imagined.

The stores on the Zhongxing street are mainly clothes, most of which is for mid-aged women. Despite of this, those clothes use to be the most fashionable products that were imported. However, if you are looking for food from Korea, it’s definitely right to come here. No matter if you are looking for ginseng, mushroom, or authentic noodle, rice cake, here is specialty shops for you to choose from.

Little Indonesia: Weekend Indonesian Style of Taipei Railway Station

At the hall of the Taipei Railway Station, there are always a few groups of Indonesian immigrant workers sitting there in the weekend. At the North Pingxi Road next to the railway station, there is an “Indonesian Street”, there are many Indonesian food, and telecommunicating stores, convenient stores, furniture stores and others. The Sunday are the busiest day.

According to the locals, before the entering of the Breeze Center in the Taipei Railway station, parts of the stores are located in the hall of the Taipei Railway Station or the second floor of the Jinhua Store. After the renovation, it becomes the Breeze Center, the stalls moved to the North Pingxi Road, or the underground street of Zhongshan Road. But during the holiday, the Indonesian immigrants are still used to gather at the hall of the Taipei Railway Station. The Taipei Government even holds “Indonesian Festival” at mid of the July every year, which attracts 10 thousand immigrants to celebrate the new year together.

Myanmar street: new hometown of the Myanmar immigrants, authentic South Asian cuisine

Walking into the Zhonghehua new street, you will find a big sign saying “South Asian sightseeing and food street”. The whole streets are cheap and good snack stores, selling Indian scones, coconut noodles, and others. The tastes have combined many different styles, such as Thai, Yunnan, Burmese, Cantonese and Indian.

The reason it has such features here is because many people come here to avoid war and look for better development. The settlement here has kept the culture and life of Myanmar. Here you can see the sign, flyers from Myanmar. Even though the decoration at the restaurant is simple, but the food here is served in large quantity. The Myanmar people is largely affected by Britain; they have the habit of having afternoon tea. Here, you can find 3 or five men sitting here chatting while drinking the milk tea. The Government of New Taipei will host Water Splashing Festival at Huaxin Street each year, which has become the important feature.

Philippine: from American soldiers’ church to the heaven of the Philippine immigrants

There are many Philippines restaurant, supermarket in the area of the third section of North Zhongshan Road. Where used to sell the imported products from America – “Jin Wanwan stores” are now the Philippine version “South Gate Market”. Every Sunday, a lot of Filipino will come here to find friend or eat the food from hometown.

They come here tirelessly during the holiday is for the Catholic Church, which brings them the power of belief. This church used to be the place for American soldiers and their families to go on Sundays. After the American soldier left, because the English service here, it attracted Filipino that have come to Taiwan in 1990. Therefore, this place has gradually developed into the “Little Philippines area”, centered around the church.

If you want to experience the exotic culture, you don’t have to take the airplane. You just need to take the metro. There are a few places you can go in Taipei. The Indonesian festival is around the corner, don’t you want to celebrate with the Indonesian immigrants, who have been taking care the elderly?

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