Suggested foods to try while in Taipei – Must eat local food in Taipei

Speaking of Taipei, besides the Café in Jiufeng, Taipei 101, and Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the most frequently think of is the various food. Some people says, Taipei’s food is the epitome of the Taiwan. Eating the right food and finding the right place is the compulsory class you must take when you travel to Taipei. Luckily, as the proud sponsor of the concert – Show Crazy World from July 29 to 30, the top Asian entertainment brand H88 has brought its VIP users a luxury all-inclusive Taiwan Trip. They didn’t forget to make a Taipei map of the food for the fans coming from mainland China. It is said, food is the priority of the populace. What to eat in Taipei? Let give you a preview first!

When you come to Taipei, you should definitely not miss the local Taiwan Cuisine. Because of the geographic location, the Taiwan Cuisine is mainly based on seafood. Later, it has been affected by the food culture of Netherland and Japan, while combined with the local custom and development, it has become the modern Taiwan Cuisine with unique features. The Taiwan Cuisine emphasizes on the light taste, delicate display. Clear, light, fresh, and pure are the focus of the cuisine. The most representative cuisine is the oyster vermicelli, braised pork rice, and others. If you come to Taipei, hurry up to find these in the restaurant.

H88 special recommendation: Braised Pork Rice

There is a saying in Taiwan, if you see smoke coming from the chimney, that family must have been making braised pork rice. You can tell the popularity of this food from it. A good braised pork rice, its meat has to be cut with care, but not too tiny. Slowly cook the meat in the soup mixed with 5 spices. Then, pour the cooked meat on the hot rice. A bowl of sweet and slightly salty braised pork rice is made perfectly.

H88 special recommendation: Oyster Vermicelli

Oyster Vermicelli is the must have a local snack that every traveler in Taiwan. According to the chef, even the locals often eat oyster vermicelli as daily breakfast and dinner. Add the cooked vermicelli and the fresh oyster in the broth soup. Before you taste it, add vinegar, soy sauce, minced garlic sauce and other sauce. A nicely cooked oyster vermicelli should have thick and strong soup, while the vermicelli and oyster should have kept their own flavor.

H88 special recommendation: Azong Vermicelli

Azong vermicelli is a busy restaurant, where guests are willing to eat while standing or squatting without seats. The front of the store always has such a strange scene. The specially made broth soup is the soul of the vermicelli.

H88 special recommendation: Oyster

It is one of the featured snacks in Taiwan. Every time you wandering around the night market, you definitely can find an oyster. Using the freshly selected oyster, you can mix it up with sweet potato powder, water, chives; then you add oyster and other sauce. Once the oyster turns into gold, the dish is done. It tastes very fresh, soft and smooth. Pour some sweet, spicy sauce before serving it on the table; you can taste the freshness of the oyster.

H88 special recommendation: Show Lo’s Fans exclusive

The “Big Head Dragon” store at the Shilin Night Market (it was appeared in the show “Corner with Love”, where Lo was the leading actor in the show and singing the theme song for the TV show).

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