Recommended Summer Trips in Taipei

Taipei is shown between the interaction of city and nature. In one day, you can walk into the mountain, resting by the lake, or you can walk around the alley and enjoy the view through the times.

Walking through the old gate of the city, visit Dadaocheng at night

Biking is one of the most environmental friendly and healthy way of travelling recent years. Taipei is the hosting city of the 2016 Global Bicycle Conference. In May, Taipei has formed “Sisterhood Bike Lane” with the Bicke Lane Net of Ehme Prefecture in Japan. At the early Summer time, you can ride the bicycle and follow the bike lane in the wind. Follow the footstep of the cycle travel writer – Li Lizhong and the route of “Taipei City Gate Light Traveling”. It only takes half day to ride through 4 city gates. Starts from the North Gate, passing through little South Gate, South Gate and East Gate, you can image the changing view from Qing Dynasty to now. Drink a cup of the traditional plum juice, you don’t even need to point out the vicissitudes of history.

If you haven’t had enough during the day time, you can try to visit Dadaocheng in the evening. The founder of My Taiwan Tour- Wu Zhoahui once walked to the dork at the Dadaocheng. Without the noisy in the day, instead it’s the quietness. Step into the Bistro next the City God Temple, you can imagine you are having drinks with the Yue Lao (the old man under the moon), who is busy arrange marriages for others. Follow the aroma of the 40-year-old Asian Soup, you can eat the mean dumpling with the Asian Soup.

Hiking Trail, scattered lights of firefly

The convenience of the Taipei metro, it makes traveling with more possibilities. Each station has hidden surprises for travelers to discover. The Naturalism writer – Liu Kexiang has chosen to take the metro Wenhu line to go to the Dahu Park, where you enter the backyard of Taipei. In such a pretty view, you can see the white stoned bridge, looked like the giant dragon flying through the valley. It connects the surrounding temple and field, which give people the chance to experience the fun of farmhouse. Many people don’t know that in downtown area, you can see firefly. The Eco Traveling Association of Taiwan relies on the promotion of traveling with metro, walking to the Hushan Hiking Trail to search for the treasure. After dark, the black-winged species abscondita cerata and Luciola ficta are flying among the grass. The frogs in the Hushan creek chorus become the best soundtrack. Besides the suburb area, the Rongxing Garden, Muzha Park and Da’an Forest Park in the city can also find the scattered lights of firefly. You don’t have to travel a long distance, all you need to do is turning back, you will find where the happiness lies.

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