China Summer Vacation Spots – Where to Stay Cool

Since July, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, North China, even northwest, Xinjiang have experienced high temperature for the past few days. The temperatures in many cities have been very close to 40-degree Celsius. But Sanya, located in the southern tip of Hainan island, has remained a comfortable temperature between 25 to 32 degrees. Why is so “cool” in Sanya now?

In fact, in the beautiful coastal city – Sanya, when the wind blows, you can feel the refreshing feeling blowing your face. You don’t feel hot at all. On the contrary, you will feel the coolness by the sea.

The four beaches in Sanyan have kept their traditions, offering the comfortable temperature in the water at 30 degrees. It helps Sanya to maintain its top air quality index in July.

The relevant data during July 1st to July 14 indicates that the temperature monitoring sites in Sanyan Wuzhizhou, Bailu Park, Tian Ya Hai Jiao, Phoenix Island and others will maintain its temperature between 25 to 32 degrees. Most of the time in the day, the temperature will be below 30 degrees.

The best place to stay out of heat in the summer is to have fun in the beach. Various entertainment water sports keep being popular in the July. The one ticket for all in Wuzhizhou Island, and the entertainments on the Tian Ya Hai Jiao and Xi island is really popular among the tourists.

Wuzhizhou Island is creating the brand new island tourism model of sports and tourism: dynamic cycling, diving, flying fish and 10 others water sports, which people can have all the fun “on the water”. It is very suitable for young people born in 80s and 90s.

Tian Ya Hai Jiao has opened up their entertainments over the water in the past two years. In the summer, they have launched “happy discovery – student cool tour” package for student. With your student ID, you can enjoy not only the special tickets, but also the discounts on the dynamic airship.

Many hotels have opened swimming lessons, summer refreshing SPA, yoga experience and other various summer events. The favorite way to stay out of heat by most people are swimming in the hotel’s pool.

In Sanya Yalongwan Guesthouse, besides walking on the Yalong Beach and swimming, the other favorite thing is to enjoy a dance with the fish in the seafood restaurant at the hotel.

The seafood shop in the first market of Sanya has many discounts during this time of year too. The Sichuan beard Seafood processing store has provided voucher and Groupon. If tourists saw the Weibo before comes to the store, they can enjoy the discount. The discount activity and the transparent price have attracted a lot of tourists to come here.

In the summer, the cool wind and blue water are all waiting for you to come and stay out of the heat.

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