Things to do in Sun Moon Lake

The month May is the season of appreciation, pink, red, yellow and white carnation not only symbolize care, appreciation, gratitude and immortality of mother’s love. During the holiday, it is also a good time to take your mom on a trip. The Sun Moon Lake in Nantou not only has beautiful and pleasant scenery, it is also recommended place by the Tourism Bureau, which is especially suitable to moms that have been working hard every day. Come to Sun Moon Lake, you can bring your mom and have fun in following ways:

The Xiangshan Visitor Center, located near the Shuishe Tunnel at Hightway 21, is not exaggerate to call it an art work. The architecture surround Sun Moon Lake is consisted by two curved building. Outside, it uses the elements of water scene, grass, concrete, and others. With the simple and pure style, it uses frame to design the stage for the dialog between human and nature. The café next to the Visitor Center is even better with taking advantage of the land, the whole piece of glass and lights are used to create the richness in space and visual. Moms that are so busy normally can sit quietly in the café, order a cup of coffee, and see the whole scene of the Sun Moon Lake. All the trouble and worries seem to disappear under such a pretty scene. What left is just the quiet heart like the water.

If you are tired, you can walk to the Hanbi Hiking Trail. There are total 14 planned Hiking Trail that are close to the water. There is has become a popular route for both young and elderly. To complete the 1.5 kilometer’ trail need approximately 1 hour. On the way, there are places for tourists to rest. About Hanbi, it is said because the shape looks like when fisherman casting the net with hand. Therefore, it was used to called “Hand Net Land”. Later, because the shape of the mountain looks like jade, so it is then called Bi (Jade) Mountain or Hanbi Mountain. Following the hiking trail, you can pass the church, Jiang’s Pavilion, Yule Pavilion and others. Yule Pavilion is the best place to overlook the Qing Dragon mountains and Lalu Island. It is said, right in front of the Yule Pavilion, facing water of the direction of the Lalu Island and Qing Dragon to make a wish. The chance of your wish to come true is quite high. You can come here to make a wish on the safe and health of your mom.

When you come to Sun Moon Lake, if you want to see the whole scenery of the lake, besides climb up to the Cien Tower. The cable car is another choice for you. The cable car in front of the Youth Activity Center is the first cable care build under BOT plan. The total length is 1,877 meter, which passes Puji Mountain and connects the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. The speed of the cable care is 6 meters per second. It only takes 7 minutes to travel between Sun Moon Lake and Formosan. If you want to take you mom here, you can take the shuttle bus that drives around the lake to come to this place. Then sit inside the cable car and see the slowly appearance of the beautiful scene in front of your eyes. When you surrounded by the nature, will you feel your tightened and nervous heart feel relaxed?

Want to listen to the sound of nature? On the Shuiwatou Nature Trail, you can see flying butterflies, birds, and hear the sounds of different green insects. They are the main characters here. In Sun Moon Lake, tree frog is the main frog here, such as Kurixalus idiootocus, Mohs tree frogs, Ehrlich tree frog and others. Walking along the trail, besides the bamboos on the both sides of the trail, there are many Schima superba. They are very pretty when they blossom in summer. On the other side of the lake, there is a sculpture of “Nie Frog Acrobats”. It is the favorite sight for tourists. You might want to see how many frogs are above the water.

Are you feeling tired after finish your one-day trip? The hot spring at the Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake is a worthy choice. The Resort is located at the highest point of Hanbi Island, directly facing the Xiangshan Visitor Center. In term of the resort’s design, it not only makes each room has a balcony can enjoy the lake view, but also an exclusive bathing pool. So you don’t need to worry about the privacy. And you don’t need to share it with others. Here, all the spring water are certified sodium bicarbonate water, known as the bath of beauty.

Staying in the comfortable and elegant room, enjoy the hot spring and the beautiful scene, you cannot relax your body, but also heal your soul. Slowly sip the drinks prepared, enjoy the scene in front of the balcony. It is an exclusive luxury enjoyment.

Sun Moon Lake is always the favorite tourists spots for Taiwanese. Every one that comes here will have a deep impression on Sun Moon Lake. Why not take you hard working moms here to take a break. Your moms will definitely feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the feast in visual, hearing, taste and touch. And your oms will regain good mood.

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