Taipei Hotels with Swimming Pool Facilities

There was a time when a swimming pool at a city hotel was a rare find. A time when the only swimming pools you found were in beach resorts, with outside pools that catered for hundreds of guests. Those times have changed though and these days a swimming pool is at the top of the list for a 4 star or 5 star city hotel. We are not just talking about any swimming pools either, when it comes to the best hotels in the biggest cities the swimming pools you tend to find are like nothing else. From infinity pools twenty floors up, to luxury spa pools that can relax even the most stressed guests, a city hotel with a swimming pool is something that has to be experienced.

To help you to experience this treat, we have listed some of the best hotels in Taipei that have swimming pools. There are over 300 hotels in Taipei in total, and several dozen of these have pools, but our focus was on the best of the best, concentrating not just on the cleanliness, size and availability of the pools themselves, but also on the hotel, as a good swim is nothing if it’s not accompanied by a good meal, a good room, good service and a great night’s sleep.

The Sherwood Taipei

This modern hotel is popular with business travelers, with plenty of event rooms and conference rooms, along with bars and restaurants. This five star hotel also has a fitness center and free Wi-Fi, and they even have an airport shuttle to pick you up as soon as you land and escort you to the hotel and to your room. The pool is an indoor pool, located on the lower floors. It’s not huge, but it’s not small either, and it will accommodate half a dozen people, maybe more, without them getting in each other’s way. There is also plenty of space in the spa if you would prefer a massage or a sauna, and the fitness center is also very spacious.

The Sherwood’s pool is a few steps above basic. It is ideal for business travelers, but for those seeking something a little more luxurious then the following pools might be better suited.

Regent Taipei

At the Regent Taipei you can also benefit from an airport shuttle, escorting you from the airport to the commercial district, which is a stone’s throw away from some of the best restaurants and biggest supermarkets that this city has to offer. There is also a fitness center and a health club in this hotel, which is geared more towards leisure travelers than the one above, but also suits those traveling on business.

What sets the Regent Taipei apart is that its pool is located on the roof of the hotel. That’s quite something when you consider how big this hotel is, and it means you can enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Taipei as you take a relaxing swim. If you are afraid of heights then don’t worry, as this is not an infinity pool and it is actually some way away from the edge of the roof, although if you do suffer from vertigo then you’d probably be better off in the spa or even in the private bathrooms, which come with luxury bathtubs. If you do want to brave the rooftop pool, then you can do so at anytime of the year, as they so not seal off the pool during the winter, like many hotels do.

Mandarin Oriental Taipei

The Mandarin Oriental has one of the most scenic pools that we have ever seen, and the elegant and breathtaking aesthetics don’t just end with the pool either, as the Mandarin Oriental hotel has been painstakingly designed throughout. The Mandarin Oriental is located in downtown Taipei and it has plenty of amenities to offer, including a fitness center, Wi-Fi (which is available for a small fee) and more. They do not have an airport shuttle, but they do have a concierge service, a 24-hour front desk, a laundry service and much more.

This hotel is great for business travelers, but they cater for everyone and even have a number of family rooms available. If you want the best luxury that the Mandarin Oriental offers then book yourself a stay in one of their City Suites. These are close to 1,000 square feet in size, with all of the basic amenities and more. The key feature of these suites is the views that each of them offer, giving you a panoramic picture of Taipei at all hours of the day. Once you have taken in as much of this sight as you can, then head to the pool, the floor of which has been intricately designed, with colorful mosaics forming an oriental pattern. There is also a spa where trained staff will pamper you, and the Mandarin Oriental even hosts yoga classes to teach their guests how to unwind, de-stress and center themselves.

If you ever tire of what’s available inside the hotel, then you can venture outside and checkout the many nearby attractions. The Mandarin Oriental is in the Songshan District, which is usually where all travelers converge when they head to Taipei. There is plenty to see and do here, especially if you like good food, as there is no shortage of fine dining restaurants.

Other Hotels with Pools

The above hotels are not the only ones with pools in Taipei, but they are our favorites. If you’re looking for something else, then checkout The Westin Taipei or Le Meridian, both of which have indoor pools. In fact, along with The Sherwood mentioned above, these are the only highly rated hotels in Taipei that have indoor pools.

There are more hotels that have outdoor pools though, including The Howard Plaza Hotel, which is located in the Da’an District, and Humble House, whose pool is anything but humble. One of the biggest pools we found was at The Grand Hotel, which is grand in both name and nature. This colossal hotel has three restaurants, event halls, conference rooms, bars and much more. It is the go-to destination for many business travelers, but it has plenty on offer for everyone, regardless of whether they’re in the city for business or to have fun.

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