Beijing Hotels with Pools – Accommodation with Swimming Pools

  1. Park Hyatt Beijing

The swimming pool at the Park Hyatt Beijing is a place that you can swim, exercise and relax. The top interior designing company SuperPotato makes the swimming pool unique. 7 o’clock in the morning, the sun is right in the west, the sunlight shine over the water. A nice day starts from here. It is absolutely suitable to call the swimming pool the “Tian Chi” (the Pool in Heaven). Different than other hotels, the lobby of the hotel is not on the first floor, but the 63rd floor of the hotel.

The lobby on the Park Hotel Beijing has French windows all the sides of the lobby. Even though in the area of the Central Business District, it does not have the highest view, the angle is high enough. A lot of the guests sit in the lobby to chat and look around.

If you want to go to the swimming pool from the lobby, you need to take a different elevator to the 59th floor. You can change your clothes at the locker room on the 59th floor. If you want sauna, there is steam room and sauna room in the locker area. At the same floor, there is a fitness center. On the 60th floor, there is a Spa.

The swimming pool at the Park Hyatt hotel has exceeded the single function of the swimming pool. Instead, the hotel has expanded to the hotel club that has combined fitness and care service. The swimming pool has two part: one is a massage pool; another is the swimming pool of the size 25*9*1.2 with no slope.

The fitness center on the 6th floor has 4,428 square meter. The spacious area includes fitness center, 25-meter swimming pool, and the patio for guests to relax after exercising. Addtionally, there is a class room for personal and group training and a massage room, sauna room, and the steam room located in the locker area. The 8 therapy rooms have two double rooms, a nail bar, and a juice bar that provides fresh juice, soft drinks and the herbal medicine drinks.

  1. Kerry Hotel Beijing

The super large French window, sufficient natural sunlight, and tropic atmosphere design, you can definitely bring you family to have a nice afternoon at the pool. The Kerry Hotel Beijing is such a good choice.

The Kerry Hotel Beijing has a 35 meter in length and 7-meter-wide professional indoor swimming pool. And It has two parts of 1.2-meter depth and 1.5-meter depth. It is known as the largest fitness center and swimming pool among all the hotels in Beijing.

The swimming pool has separate pool for children, little fall, massage swirling Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, sauna, steam room, recreating room, comfortable lounge chairs and special designed swimming equipment and toys counters. You can even order a fresh cup of juice or a nice fruit salad. You will have no problem enjoy the whole afternoon. If you are with family, it would be a perfect happy hour.

The Kerry Hotel Beijing has 487 guest rooms and suites. The hotel is close to the top shopping center and many embassies. It only takes 30 minutes’ drive to the Beijing Capital Airport.

  1. Grand Hyatt Beijing

The Grand Hyatt Beijing has the unique leisure and recreation place in Beijing: the indoor tropical rain forest style swimming pool. The 1,500 square meter swimming pool is surrounded by lush tropical plants. Waterfalls, totem stone, majestic pillars, and palm trees are around the swimming pool.

Sitting by the pool, guests can wear the soft bathrobe while enjoy the freshly made juice, cocktail, other drinks contains vitamin and health snacks provided by the bar. What next to the swimming pool is the 24-hr fitness center with the international standard.

The swimming pool: 20*50 meter, 1.4-meter depth. The children’s pool is 0.5-meter depth.

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