Things to Do and See in Taichung, Taiwan

Fancy a two day and one-night light trip? Taichung is not a bad choice. You can eat, drink and taste the food, or experience the artistic cultural architecture. You can use the EasyCard to enjoy a free 8 km bus ride in the city and first 30 minutes free iBike – the public bicycle.

First day: Maple Garden à Rilakkuma Café à Caowudao Business District à Fengjia Night Market à Night Sight Viewing à Chase Walker Hotel

Maple Garden

Maple Garden Plaza is known as the “lung of the metropolis” in Taichung. Throwing yourself in the world of maple, you suddenly feel like you enter a quiet and relaxed urban forest and get away from the busy city. The green that can be seen everywhere in the Maple Garden Plaza is suitable for people who likes outing.

Rilakkuma Café

The popular Rilakkuma Café is located in Shinkong Mitsukoshi Zhonggang store. Inside the store, there is not only the exclusive theme design for Taichung, but also very cute limited meal.

Caowudao Business District

Caowudao Business District is started from National Museum of Natural Science, passing through City Hall Square, National Art Museum of Taiwan, to Art Garden Parkway. The total length is 3.6 km. Along the way, there are many events hold there, becoming popular attractions for residents in the holiday. The Caowudao located in downtown provides the rare green space for the people living in the concrete jungle.

Fengjia Night Market

Besides various delicious food here in Fengjia Night Market, the products sold here are also famous, including various clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and others. You will be satisfied with the food, drinks and fun at one time. The Bigen square in Fengjia Night Market has hundreds of stores, the various products will make you feel dazzle.

CHASE Walker Hotel

The CHASE Walker Hotel is the first self-service hotel in Taiwan. There is no receptionist. Guests use self-service system to check in and check out, providing tourists a brand new accommodation experience. The CHASE Walker Hotel is located near the Fengjia Night Market.

Second day: Tunghai University à Taichung City Hall à No. 20 Warehouse à Traveling Cat Café à Yizhong Street Night Market

Tunghai University

Tunghai University has a large campus, which is filled with college buildings in Traditional Chinese style. The university is known as the most beautiful campus. Luce Memorial Chapel is the most representative building, which are the location that people like to take photo and sketch. The romantic Luce Memorial Chapel is the famous dating site. Many TV shows are also shoot here.

Taichung City Hall

Taichung City Hall has made the beautiful architecture from theJapanese Colonized Period into a place of café, exhibition and show. The elegant and primitive interior is also admirable. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon tea time here. The exterior of the Tiachung City Hall is very beautiful and elegant. It is definitely worth to stop for a moment and spend some time to admire it.

No. 20 Warehouse

The No. 20 Warehouse is located at the station after the Taichung Train Station. It is an important cultural and tourist resources in Taichung area. It is also the first stop of the railway warehouse arts regeneration plan.

Traveling Cat Café

The Traveling Cat Café in Taichung is a snack-coffee shop with “cat” theme. Decoration, food, and snacks in the café are all related with cat. The cute cat store manager will help take care of the guests any time.

Yizhong Street Night Market

Because there are many schools near the Yizhong Street. The normal stores in the daytime will become the busy gathering spots for the night market. The various delicious foods are inexpensive because the main customer groups are local young scholars.

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