Taidong Beach Cafes – Best Restaurant Cafes Along Taidong Coast

Good mountain, water and slow pace, Taidong is called the backyard of Taiwan. It is the vacation haven for a lot of tourists. This article summarized four “mysterious beach view café” that allow you to relax and enjoy the nature.

  1. Wave coffee

The Wave Coffee is right in front of the Shanyuan coast. There is total 2-storey floor. It offers half-open seats, and normal seats. The most popular seats are in the area at the bar that are facing the sea. Many people order drinks here and then sit on the chairs to view sea, sky, and relaxed. The view makes people lose themselves in the scene.

Besides the beach view, the tourists can walk down to the coast, following the rock trail, getting close to view the natural scene of the east coast.

Address: No. 24 Shanyuan, Fushan village No. 12, Beinan, Taidong

Tel: 089-281158

  1. Home of the little fish in Taidong

The coffee at the Home of the little fish in Taidong is very famous in local. It also has the great beach scene and forest. Not only the café offers various beverage, it also uses seasonal fruit to make food, such as natural mango smoothies, or cut the cantaloupe into half, add ice cream in it. Taste the it at the hot east coast under the sunlight, and enjoy the blue sea in front of your eye. This place has become the must-go place in Taidong.

Address: No. 22 Shanyong, Fushan Village, Binan, Taidong

Opening hours: 10 am in the morning to 6 pm in the night

Tel: 0913-916875

  1. Donghe Love Café

The Donghe Love Café is both a restaurant and a bed and breakfast. Tourists can choose to stay overnight here and fall in asleep in the arms of the Pacific Ocean. Or, you can just dine here, enjoy the tide go up and down. Here, the biggest character is the European cuisine and handmade bakery. With the coffee beverage, tourists can seat in the wide dining area in balcony and spend a relax afternoon. There is even a stair directly connected to the beach. It only takes 10 minutes to drive from the downtown area in Taidong to here. It is also the hot spot in the local.

Address: 30 Shanyuan, Fushan village, Binan, Taidong

Tel: 0932-512813

  1. Dulan Cape Café

If you want to relax in the arms of the nature, then come to the Dulan Cape Café. The blue ocean, green land, and sky are in front of your eyes. Drinking coffee here, enjoy the local Spanish cuisine, and leave the business behind. The slow pace is the best enjoyment you can get in the vacation.

Address: Industry blvd, Qianqiao, Donghe village, Taidong

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