Changsha Food – Where to Eat in Taipiing

Taiping Street as a signature street for food, has attracted a ton of locals and tourists here. Besides the featured Changsha foods, there are newly added popular foods on the internet. For food lovers, getting all kinds of food are the principle. So, let’s go shopping on the Taiping street. Check-in all the popular food on the internet, new stores and hidden food!

Big Bro French Fries

The so-called world French fries, has stores in Taiwan, Shanghai, Yinchuan, Suzhou and others. Food lovers are all waiting in the line, same as the one on Taiping Street – line!

The so-called the longest French fries in the world of an average 30 cm. It is almost the length of the two hands. The flavor is featured sweet potato with wasabi. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft. But it is not as crispy as KFC or McDonald. The sauce is very strong. And the quantity is a lot.

The cost for the French fries is 28 yuan, there are many flavors to choose. You can offer the handmade Starry Sky Fruit Drink is popular.


BEAR FAMILY is a stored owned by celebrity – Du Haitao. Thus, it is very popular.

The featured beverage is the fruit flavored bubble drink in the bag. Beverage in the bags are popular recently.

Editor ordered the grape fruit flavor, 15 yuan. It doesn’t taste very sweet, but a little sour. It cures your thirsty.

The first floor sells celebrity related products, hats, clothing, bags, cute accessories. It is very suitable for fans to go there shopping and purchasing.

The second floor is the ordering section, both desserts and beverage. The key words for interior are: dried floor, stars light curtain, small toys, with dark light.

French Bread Stick

Bread stick is getting popular recently. All the food streets in different cities have it, same in the Taiping street.

The Bread stick is crispy outside with different stuffing, original, green tea, and strawberry. All are 15 yuan per each.

The store is very small, a machine with two staffs. One for ordering, one for making, the speed is quite fast.

Dong Xiaoman

It is the newly opened gift store with high popularity. The decoration is very girly, there are two red wooden horses. There are many flowers and dolls inside the door.

The store sells cookies, flower tea, waffle, nougat, and pineapple cakes. The products are packed nicely, which is very suitable for giving out as gift. You can try every product in the store. The flavors of the cookies are original, green tea, seaweed, cranberry and seeds. It has strong taste of milk and very sweet.

Happy Cat Cold Stew

Cold stew has been trendy for a while now. The cold stew brand – Happy Cat from Chengdu has been rated as the most favorite stew by internet celebrities. Now, it has opened in Taiping Street.

Even though, it is a small store, it has a lot of variety: mushroom, seaweed, crispy bamboo, boneless chicken finger, chicken gizzards, chicken kidney and other 10 more.

In terms of flavor, it is not spicy enough for Changsha. The numbness is just a little bit. The food tastes good, the bamboo is crispy, and the boneless chicken is very soft.

After reading this, don’t you want to eat some? The food list is stilling updating in Changsha. The Taiping Street nowadays, is it still the same old taste as you remembered?

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