Taiwan Pass launches – Travel around Taiwan with one card

“Taiwan Pass,” now tourists can use a small card to visit all the popular attractions. In addition, with this tiny card, they can enjoy the discounts in food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and transportation. Also, it will provide tourists with traveling suggestions. So, they can easily take advantage of the public transportation and travel around different cities in Taiwan conveniently.

The Tourist Bureau of Taiwan has hosted the press conference on “Taiwan Pass – expanded traveling coverage” on July 5th, 2016. During the press conference, it has introduced four successful integrated Taiwan Passes, including the “Gaoxiong, Pingdong, Penghu Pass – limited edition”, the “Yilan Pass– limited edition”, the “Middle Taiwan Pass – limited edition”, and “Taidong Pass – limited edition”. It is trying to encourage tourists from abroad and Taiwan to use the passes more often.

Last year, the Tourists Bureau of Taiwan had launched the “Gaoxiong, Pingdong, Penghu Pass – limited edition” and “Yilan Pass– limited edition”, which are highly speaking by tourists. This year, the Tourists Bureau has launched another two passes again: “Middle Taiwan Pass– limited edition”, and “Taidong Pass – limited edition”. It is believed that with the launching of the Taiwan Passes, the overall traveling environment in Taiwan can be improved. The Tourists Bureau has launched three major tourist events in the past few years. The first one includes the tourist buses, more than half of the passengers are international travelers. The second event is the good traveling routes in Taiwan, till now, there have 41 routes already.

The concept of Taiwan Pass comes from the idea of city passes, which are popular in foreign countries. It has integrated five aspects of traveling, in terms of food, accommodation, tour, shopping, and transportation, which are all related to traveling. Through the traveling App, tourists can plan their tour, and take the public transportations in certain areas for unlimited times. Tourists can also go shopping, take part in the traveling events, and participate in various showcases. Therefore, people can travel more convenient and more smoothly.

Currently, the Tourist Bureau of Taiwan is trying to promote the smart tourism. It hopes to combine traveling activities and the Information and Communications Technology. In this way, the traveling activities can be made much more closer to the public. Furthermore, the traveling environment can be more friendly.

More traveling information, please go to the website: http://tw.tranews.com.

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