Taiwan Railways Administration Aligning more with Japan

Taiwan Railways Pingxi Line and Enoshima Electric Railway will sign up tourism corporation agreements on April 26th. The two parties will promote the joint effort in cross-countries marketing with ticket exchange for free in order to set an example for the communication between the two railways. Furthermore, two parties have decided from April 1st, 2019, the tickets’ corporation will be promoted to the level of agreed relationship between Pingxi Line and Enoshima Electric Railway. Because of the cute design of the Taiwan-Japan Railway Tourist Passport, it has attracted a lot of attention from publics. However, it has been discussed widely due to the wrong spelling in English.

In corporate with the signing of agreement, it plans to launch the activity of giving out the “Taiwan-Japan Railway Tourist Passport” for free. Taiwan tourists can get a free passport when they are purchasing one-day pass at Fujisawa Station, Enoshima Station and Kamakura Station, or Japanese tourists can get the free passport when purchasing tickets at Taipei Station, Ruifang Station. Inside the “Taiwan-Japan Railway Tourist Passport”, besides introducing the nearby famous attractions along the Enoshima Electric Railway and Pingxi Line, it also has discount vouchers, which can be used at the stores near the railway station or Taiwan Railway Dream Factory to enjoy a discount. The department heads of both railways have signed agreement for Pingxi line and Enoshima Electric Railway on entering strategic alliance.

At the same time, the Taiwan Railway will launch souvenir one-day ticket, two tickets per set. It will be sold at a limited quantity in May at the dream factories in Taipei and Songshan. Taiwan railway had hold a ceremony on the strategic alliance agreement between Taiwan Railway and Enoshima Electric Railay on March 15th (Tuesday) at 10 am, co-signed by both department heads of both railways, Yong Hui and Tian Ye-quan.

“Taiwan-Japan Railway Tourist Passport” was frequently discussed by the netizens once released to public, especially due to its wrong English spelling. The Taiwan Railway has expressed their apologies to the public. However, because the sample was just original design, the future one will be revised before putting into printing and publishing officially. In the future, Taiwan and Japan will communicate and corporate in wider area, which will attract more Taiwan and Japanese tourists to visit each country, aiming to bring bigger effect in tourism for both Taiwan and Japan.

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