Taizhong Food Culture Festival debuts on the weekend

The Cultural Bureau of Taizhong Government will host the first “2016 Taizhong International Food and Culture Festival” on this weekend (24th). The media conference was hosted at 10 o’clock on 22nd. Directed by the Chen Hong, deputy mayor Lin Yiyin and department head of Cultural Bureau Wang Zhicheng, they use the local ingredients and spices in Southeast Asia to make the “Mixed Cultural Fusion Cake”, and announce the food and culture festival starts officially.

The deputy mayor Lin Yiyin points out that there are 220,000 elderlies are taking care by caretakers from Southeast Asia. They have gradually affect the food culture in Taiwan. They hope by hosting this event, it can present food all over the world and local food. So residents can get to know the food from different countries without stepping out of Taiwan. The expert in food, Chen Hong expresses that among all the sensors, only flavor and breath is parallel. After working in different cities in different countries, he feels that smell is another cultural creation. Therefore, food can recreate the unique flavor of one city.

The Taizhong International Food and Culture Festival will host in three time slots. From September 24 to 25 in Dongmeng Plaza, it will plan a wall of spices with the theme of “spices republic”, presenting the spices culture in Southeast Asia. The event has invited the exchange students from Southeast Asia as guide. So, the visitors can use the visual and taste to enjoy the unique characteristic of spices. From September 30 to October 9 in Caowudao, the theme is “World Café”. There will be spaces for the display of coffee culture and Latte DIY experience made from containers. It also plans the foreign cuisine stalls and culture creative markets.

From October 9th to 10th the event in the parking lot of Xinshe Zhongxinglin Purple Windmill is themed in “the kingdom of mushroom”. Besides the local food stalls, it also combines with the “2016 Bailengchuan Cultural Festival”. So people can enjoy the performance of dancing group, little frog legion, Atayal original dance workshop, Xinshe High School Dancing Team and Japanese bands.

Additionally, during the food festival in Caowudao, there is “2016 Taizhong Jazz Music Festival” in the Citizen’s Plaza. Publics can enjoy the exotic food and enjoy the jazz music at the same time. You will feel like living in the foreign countries and enjoying the food.

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