To promote cycling tours in Taiwan, 3,000 riders take off in 4 cities

In order to promote the cycling sports and Traveling in middle of Taiwan. The Taizhong city government works with department of transportation and tourism hosts one of the major events of the 2016 Taiwan Bicycle Festival – “OK Taiwan Taizhong Bicycle Carnival”. It will start on 8th this month. The event has gathered 3000 bicycle riders, starting from Taizhong, Zhanghua, Nantou, and Miaoli four cities. The destination is the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. The Tourism Bureau says the designed the route will be able to meet the needs of the professional riders.

Governor Lin Jialong says that bicycle industry is the major business in Taizhong. The top 10 bicycle lanes in Taiwan, Taizhong owns 3 of them: including Houfeng, Dongfeng and Tanyasheng. The planned trip of visiting Netherland, claiming itself as the “Giant City”. Additionally, the city government has been actively promoting the “Bicycle 369 plans”. It is estimated that in four years, it will build 300 rental stations for iBike and 600 km bicycle lanes that combine riverside and railway. Also, it will provide 9000 bicycles for renting. The city government hope to make Taizhong a booming city for bicycle.

The cycling route of this activity includes a 15 km ride “Hudu light ride – Taizhong parent and children route”, a 36 route “Miaoli route – ride to the sea and fun in Taizhong and Miaoli”, and 42 km route for professional rides “Nantou route – battle in Zhongtou 136”. The four routes will gather at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, meeting the public’s need on cycling.

The Tourism Bureau says, this year, it has added the most popular Push Bike Competition for kids. It has recruited 200 little riders and their parents to compete at the scene. Besides training their sense of balance and their movement skills, also raise their interests in cycling when they are young. We welcome parents to sign up for their 3 to 6 years’ old kids.

The head of the Tourism Bureau, Chen Shenshan says in order to promote the sport and traveling of bicycle in Taizhong, the city government, department of transportation and tourism bureau have worked together to host this carnival. In addition to the gathering of the four cities, it has arranged the traveling agents in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia to come to experience the event. Besides, the city government has also invited big counties in Japan to visit and communicate, hoping to further form strategic alliance in bicycle lanes.

The tourism bureau expressed that there will be special sales for the components for bicycles, health check for the bicycle, kids Push Bike experience, IDBC design exhibition, and cycling performance at the scene.

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