Tangshan – The Strongest Third-tier City in China

What do you think the financial standard for third-tier city? Three hundred billion, four hundred billion, or five hundred billion. This seems to be a good standard. But, there is a third-tier city in China can be called the “strongest third-tier city”, which is even comparable to some second-tier city. This city is Tangshan, located in Hebei Province.

Economically speaking, Tangshan’s standard is much higher than the average third-tier cities. Its GDP in 2016 has already reached 630.6 billion RMB. This is unique in third-tier city, which is really great. No matter in terms of industry, or other aspects, Tangshan has been developing rapidly, and has a huge growth potential.

From other aspects, Tangshang is outstanding too. It has a long history, where the existence of human civilization was discovered tens of thousands of years ago. It has played important role in each dynasty. Nowadays, the entertainment industry is doing great in Tangshan. Here has hosted Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, World Horticultural Expo and other important cultural activities.

Of course, Tangshan is a city with a lot of cultural relics. Let’s have a look with the editor.

Eastern Qing tombs

The Eastern Qing Tombs started to build during Shuizhi Emperor in Qing dynasty, which is completed after 247 years. The tombs have 15 tombs, including 217 palace archways. The size is massive, which have high value in many different aspects. Here buried five emperors, 15 queens and 161 members of royalty from Qing dynasty.

Li Dazhao Former Residence Memorial

Li Dazhao is the great pioneers for our country’s evolution. The Former Residence Memorial of Li Dazhao has become one of the most popular attractions. The memorial was built in 1997. Inside, it has the record of all the life stories of Li Dazhao, commemorating the great patriotism of our country. Now, it has become the base for patriotism education.

Tower of Haven Temple

The tower was built in Liao Dynasty. It was ruined by earthquake. After a series renovation, reconstruction, it still kept its architectural structure from the Liao Dynasty. Even though, for people outside the city, it might not be a famous place to visit. But it has quite a fame in local. Also, the tower has the collection of the wood engraved Buddhist texts, bronze status of the Budha, porcelain, and others are very valuable.

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