Taipei City Hall Station Food – TankQ Café & Bar

The decoration made from tires, one for umbrella holders, one holds the shield of Capitain America and hammer of Thor.

Plush toys are lining up at the front door, making you want to hug them.

Inside the “factory”

The cartoon cups filled in the bar are the most practical decoration.

All you can see are the garage kit, even the space on the wall is used.

“Taste” of the food is as good as it looks

Most of the American restaurants have strong flavor, but TankQ is different than others. The general flavors are light, which suits me well.

The big box of food lives up to its name. If you have small stomach, it is enough for two people. The shape is same as the suitcase under the eaves at the door. The variety of food is rich. The black box cover can be used as nice background board for photo taking.

The fried egg is done right, a little bit hard, not easy to break.

The mashed potato is original flavor. It is recommended to finish it alone when eat other food. So, you will be able to tell the slight aroma. Otherwise, it will be covered by the aroma of other meat and sauces.

The shape of the nuggets is very cute, and not greasy.

There are two types of bread, sweet and salty. The skin of the bread is crispy. You can eat it as dessert after dining.

The salty bread is open in the middle, you can add a mini burger.

The three sausage tastes differently, taking all the “oil” of the whole “suitcase”.

The combo offers beverage, you can choose coca cola or black tea.

The utensil is very special, which is a red toolbox.

The chicken leg is big. The skin is crispy, but soft and juicy inside. It is not very spicy. The bread has been toasted, the edge is crispy. The sauces are onion and lettuce.

The three sauces are ketchup in red, mango sauce in yellow, and honey mustard sauce in green. The ketchup and honey mustard are usually sour, which works well with fried food. Mango sauce is very special, which is not available at other restaurants. It tastes like mango ice cream with a little salty taste.

Creamy Bacon Rice

The amount of cream and cheese is perfect. You taste the cream first and take the lead. Later, the taste of cheese slowly rises up.

Lemon chicken in love

Crispy outside with strong lemon flavor. Very little sault, it keeps the original flavor of chicken and lemon. Without any additional sauce, it is very delicious already.

The honey, fruit candy, soft candy, cookies, and brownies work the best as dessert.

Beer is the normal canned beer. But the cup is really fun.


  1. TankQ, the quantity is really big. Don’t order too much when you only have a small stomach.
  2. The indoor light is dark yellow light. If you want to better light in the photo, you should come during the day.
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