Taoyuan Lotus Season – Where to See Lotus Flowers in Taiwan

Taoyuan Guanyin has planted many lotus flowers. In the summer, each lotus flower is in full bloom, waving with the wind and becoming the famous spot in Hualian. Tourists can arrange the trip to see the lotus flowers in Hualian. Besides the 2017 lotus flower seasons in Hualian, you can visit the local lotus flowers garden and enjoy the view of lotus flowers at a close distance, taste the food made from lotus, and the featured interactive performance of the glove puppetry group. Taoyuan’s city government combined the leisure farm, lotus themed restaurants, White Sand Tower, Guanyin costal recreation area and other attractions and designed many different tour experiences in Hualian. So, everyone can enjoy the fun while travels in Hualian.

  1. Treasure hunting – first water floating experience on Dawang, Huatian

“Treasure hunt – non-stop surprise trip in Hulian” has planned a one-day trip to get close to the nature. Besides the tour in the exhibition of the flower season in Taoyuan, you can also go to the lotus garden to try the water floating experience. Additionally, it has combined the treasure hunting activity, helping the tourists to get to know the plants in the garden. So, the children can have fun and gain knowledge at the same time. Also, the local experts will take the tourists to search inside the new algae reef and get to know the largest living fossil reef in Taiwan.

  1. Old house tour – Lin Family’s ancient house

“Fun tour of the lotus garden, exclusive glove puppetry shows and face changes show in the old house” will run from afternoon till late in the night. After the exhibition of the flower, you can go to the famous old house in Guanyin – Lin Family’s ancient house. You can find the ancient house with four entrances, blooming lotus, trails, red brick arches, straw dolls and others.

  1. Folklore – glove puppetry and face change

Also included in the “Fun tour of the lotus garden, exclusive glove puppetry shows and face changes show in the old house”, besides sight-seeing the old house, lotus flowers. In the last, it is the exclusive arrangement of the famous glove puppetry performance group’s interactive show in the courtyard. Big or small friends might be invited to go up to the stage and participate in the show, where they can enjoy the fun of the glove puppetry. You will get to know the new feeling created by the combination of the old house by the lotus flowers and the glove puppetry show.

  1. Feature food – lotus seed with the rice cooked in bamboo and lotus flower meal

In addition to the beauty of the lotus, the experience of the floating on the water, and the tour of the ancient house, tasting the food made from lotus seed, and other featured meals, you can also enjoy the fun of peeling off the lotus seed and taste the lotus ice cream. “Tour in the lotus garden – “Fun tour of the lotus garden, exclusive glove puppetry shows and face changes show in the old house”.

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