Where to East in Taoyuan – Popular Restaurants and Cafes

Shang Café

The hot and steamy Ujien green tea cake just served on the table. The dense and moist cake is good in quantity, with the green tea sauce from the Japanese Ujien, gives you a little bit bitterness instead of overly sweet taste. Last, put the green tea ice cream as decoration is just fine. The smooth cake with strong green tea sauce, it is the good taste that green tea lovers should not miss for the world.

Tama Tama Slow Cafeteria

The top ice cream store in Taoyuan recommendation: “Slow Cafeteria”, the Japanese styled ice cream store that does not hesitating in giving you a large amount of food. The small ice that melts immediately in your mouth with the excellent flavored sauce, everything goes together perfectly. It is the first choice in a hot summer day.

Lowka Foodlab

The popular check-in spot in Taoyuan – Lowka Foodlab, the strong green tea sauce, no matter you eat it with rice ball or strawberry, they all tastes very good. The amazing taste makes it hard for people to let go their forks. There are not many seats in the store. You have to be prepared about waiting. In terms of the beverage in the store, the black tea with condensed milk, you can choose how much condensed milk you want to put into your drink. It is quite a sweet design for the product.

Table 2 coffee roaster

Soufflé Waffle

The taste of Soufflé Waffle is soft, sweet but not too much. When you eat it when it’s still warm, it can comfort your soul. The size is pretty big. It is recommended to eat with your friend. You can also try other flavors of the Soufflé Waffle.

Shi Yakiniku

Providing sweet at the table service, the professional staffs here will cook the meat for the guests. The beef ribs are very soft and fresh. The fat is distributed nicely. Each bite of the meat will make people feel happy and moved.

Hey, Jack

The famous store in the business district around Chung yuan Christian University, where you need to wait in the long line. The fair price food with good taste in the area. The kimchi rice ball Gyudon, with a lot of rice. It is the food that makes people eat it non-stop. You was planning to go with the friends, but you ends up eating the delicious Gyudon without having time to chat with your friends.

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